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Environmentally friendly material, nontoxic and no peculiar smell . Perfect for Toilet Training for Boys between the ages 2 and 6 Frog shape and rotating windmill improves your babies’ interest.
Ergonomically designed potty chair features rounded styling and lots of leg room so your child gets closer to the seat High back support and armrests Splashguard prevents unnecessary mess
Comfortable for your child; ergonomic design with soft lines Practical for you; takes up minimal space and is easy to take with you Easy to clean; inner potty seat is easy to lift out, empty and clean
Comfortable and secure seating; ergonomic design helps your child sit correctly Easy for the child; When it’s time to go, your child can easily put on and remove the toilet trainer on his or her own Flexible use; The toilet trainer only needs to be adjusted once to fit your toilet seat
STURDY CONSTRUCTION AND EASY-GRASP HANDLES – The resilient handles provide your child with extra stability and security in every situation. The seat will stay sturdily in place even as your little one plays and shifts his/her balance around on the seat supported by the handles. SOFT AND COMFORTABLE TOILET SEAT – The BEBE SQUAD is designed with a soft seat meant to be conveniently attached to its sturdy base. The removable soft cushion makes potty training toilet trips fun and comfortable even as your baby learns to maintain proper balance on the seat. Whether your baby needs to stay on the toilet for just a couple of minutes or much longer, the seat will offer adequate support and comfort each time. HASSLE-FREE CLEANING – The toddler toilet seat features a soft seat that can be removed without any difficulty and cleaned up within moments. You simply have to pop the cushion out, and use a mild soap with water to clean it up and have it ready for use again in no time.
$39.97 $16.97
Size: 21*16.5*30cm 1cm=0.39”inch Suitable: For 15 month to 5 years old children Environmentally friendly material, nontoxic and no peculiar smell
Portable toddler potty seat perfect for potty training boys and girls Contoured to hold child securely in place Non-skid edge ensures that seat doesn’t move
Fits iPad with retina display/iPad 3rd gen/iPad 2 Comfortable, child-friendly potty with iPad activity stand Adjustable stand securely holds & protects iPad while kids play
Materials: PP (Fifth level) Size: 21*16.5*30cm Fun Spinning Target Offers Entertainment, Helping Mommy with Potty Training
Soft, comfortable and durable Easy to clean Fits regular and elongated toilets
3 products in 1. Potty, step-up toilet reducer, toilet seat topper Recommended for ages 18-36 months Step-up toilet reducer features a removeable potty topper with contoured seat
Potty training made easier Two-position height adjustable for a custom comfort fit Armrests and high seat back help little ones feel secure
Flush” for rewarding potty sounds, musical ditties, lights, and “twirling water” action “Grows with baby! Includes a removable potty ring for use on a regular toilet seat (Not recommend for use on padded toilet seats)” Bowl removes for easy clean up
So many ways to grow & learn: Potty chair, potty ring & stepstool – all in one! Sensor knows when to reward success with 4 different royal tunes Hold on, there’s more! Handles on potty ring help kids feel secure
Perfect for Toilet Training for Boys between the Ages 1 and 6 years. Bright Colored Urinal Froggy Shape is Perfect for Little Boys. Adjustable Height.RemovableBowl Insert for Easy to Clean and Hygienic.

Frog Potty

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2-IN-1 POTTY CHAIR- A two-piece potty training chair set, the base washes out quickly and easily. What’s more, the frog seat can be removed and fitted over standard toilets to grow along with children. CLEANER & MORE HYGIENIC – A personal potty is not only easier to use for little boys and girls, but they’re actually cleaner and safer for children who are less immune to germs and bacteria. CONFIDENCE BUILDER – Say goodbye to diapers and training pants and hello to big boy and girl underwear! Our portable frog potty helps children have fun and build confidence while learning to go on their own.
$60.99 $25.95
Brand: Ginsey, Easy to clean, Eliminates clutter Universal size, Holds most potty seats Keep the potty clean and off the floor when not in use
Baby Toddler Boy’s Portable Potty Urinal Training Pee Made of high quality ABS plastic,appox weight 200g Convenient to carry for Camping Car Travel ect
FITS MOST TOILETS: Our folding potty seat was created to comply with nearly all types of toilets. Whether used in your own home’s restroom or in a public setting, it fits over all regular and elongated toilet seats. With our potty seat, you’ll never have to worry about being caught unprepared with a misfitting seat and an impatient child. STABLE BUILD: To ensure stability, out potty seat is designed with non-slip rubber padding and a locking mechanism so it stays in place during use. NO HASSLE USE: The Graco Folding Potty Seat is a no hassle fix to help your child use the restroom in any situation. It’s easy to use: Simply place it on top of the adult toilet seat and pack it up when you’re done. Plus, the single-piece plastic body makes cleaning a breeze.
LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We guarantee our toilet training seats for life. If for any reason the seat wears beyond use, we will replace it! COMFORTFOAM TECHNOLOGY: Help your little one learn the art of the potty in comfort so they can focus on learning instead of the discomfort of sitting on a hard toilet seat. Our seats are significantly more comfortable than our plastic competitors. BUILT-IN SPLASHGUARD: Our built-in splashguard will help keep your toilet training experience from being a messy one, especially for little boy learners.
$29.99 $19.77
BOY TRAINING POTTY – Newly improved Baby Training Urinal/Toilet for your little ones to learn to stand and pee. MORE EFFECTIVE THAN BEFORE – Comes with a spinning water wheel to keep your toddler focus on his urine stream during potty training. NOW includes FREE stickers and game to encourage your boy during training. PORTABLE AND HYGENIC- Removable, lightweight and easy to clean
$32.99 $14.99
BOY TRAINING POTTY – Newly improved Baby Training Urinal/Toilet for your little ones to learn to stand and pee. MORE EFFECTIVE THAN BEFORE – Comes with a spinning water wheel to keep your toddler focus on his urine stream during potty training. NOW includes FREE stickers and game to encourage your boy during training. PORTABLE AND HYGENIC- Removable, lightweight and easy to clean
$21.00 $15.99
Comes with 3 super absorbent, leak-proof and easy-to-use disposable liners. Suitable for ages 15 months and up to 50lbs when used as a traveling potty. Easily converts to a folding trainer seat. Contoured seat for your child’s comfort.
✓ ★ A MUST HAVE ★ This Toilet Seat Topper Ring is the perfect solution for any mom or dad who needs to train their children. It’s made to a very high standard with the strongest materials which gives This Potty Trainer a Super Long Life. Our toilet trainer is ergonomically designed and built with durable materials that will not scratch, break, or deform toilet seat. ✓ This Toilet Seat Trainer is a Lightweight and Sturdy Topper Ring that brings Potty Training into the family bathroom easy without a frustrating experience, The seat adapter will stay in place without moving around that will help your children feel safe when learning to use the toilet. ✓ This Toilet Seat wide ring fully covers the opening and fits most elongated and round bowls toilet seats, With the secure non-slip rim material your child will feel comfortable on the potty with confidence and it will eliminate your child’s fear of falling in, No kiddie handles or grips will be needed.
$29.96 $19.86
The KidsKit potty training seat features three products in one. It is the portable potty seat that will adjust to every stage of your child’s potty seat training so they could learn to use the toilet independently. Self standing potty seat for toilet designed with bright & cheerful colors will encourage your toddler to want to use a potty chair everyday. A potty training seat for boys and girls made with skid proof, non slip materials & sturdy floor grippers. This is the only portable potty seat made to use on-the-toilet with a built-in step stool, and a comfortable, toddler toilet seat insert for toilet seat training.
Lightweight, Sturdy Seat Topper Brings Potty Training into the Family Bathroom Comfortable, Padded Seat Features Contoured Design for Improved Support Secure Non-Slip Rim Imbues Confidence & Eliminates Child’s Fear of Falling In
$15.99 $10.99
Size : 29 x 19.5 x 17cm/11.42 x 7.68 x 6.69in Color : Sky Blue, Fruit Green, Dark Green Suitable : For 8 month to 6 years old children.
Softly padded and contoured for safety, comfort and warmth The seat is fully wrapped so cleaning is easy Sanitary lifting handle for removing the seat from the toilet
No more p”ed bottoms Folds compact enough to take anywhere Includes washable carry bag
Potty training seat grips and stays in place Works with both standard and elongated toilet seats Flexible, soft-touch splash guard to prevent accidents
$16.99 $11.43
* FUN- Our friendly design is perfect for kids and will make your toddler love his first potty training experience. With its cute blue bear design, and its comfortable, soft seat we guarantee you that it will make your child’s first experience an enjoyable moment. * SECURE- Both, its non-slip rubbers and its adjustable brackets, prevent the seat to shake under your toddler, which will increase his confidence in going to the washroom by himself. NIMA’S potty training seat also comes with handles which makes the whole process easier. As a result, the parents have more free time for themselves! * ERGONOMIC AND EASY CLEAN- NIMA’S potty training seat fits all standard and elongated toilets. With its adjustable brackets, you can set up the potty seat according to your own toilet. Also, NIMA’S potty seat is highly HYGIENIC. Its Splash guard is perfect for little boys as to prevent messes. Its removable soft seat prevents bad smells caused by accumulated urine. This user-friendly potty seat also comes with 2 side hooks for an easy storage on the wall or on the side of your toilet tank.
$24.00 $17.95
Opens quickly and easily for on-the-go potty emergencies Legs fold in for compact storage in cars, strollers or diaper bags Legs lock securely for use as a stand-alone potty or on public restroom toilets
High quality baby potty urinal&100% brand new Top plastic material,Lightweight, easy to carry Function: whether in the supermarket, hospital, highway, park, department stores, car and other public places or Restroom queue row when they are ready to give the baby use, to prevent the baby urine trousers. No longer let baby urgency find toilet, this not only leak proof and anti odor. but also could be anywhere in the bag to carry and use.
THE BEST POTTY CHOICE : Potty Training your child doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience! The PerfechiTM Premium Potty seat is perfectly designed to making your child feel secured and confident using a full sized toilet. The Potty is simply placed on top of your ELONGATED or ROUND BOWL toilet seat. When done, easily hang the Potty with our FREE BONUS storage hook! Our seat is loved by boys and girls with an angled splashguard to prevents accidents and keep your bathroom clean! SAFE AND SUPPER COMFORT ERGONOMIC POTTY: PerfechiTM Premium Potty seat NON-TOXIC BPA Free luxurious and durable materials that incorporate an Anti-Slip Surface to help your child feel comfortable, safe , confidante and MOST IMPORTANT EASY TRANSITION when later on using the regular toilet seat. We designed it to fit your main goal of overcoming your child fear of falling and that’s why we insisted on handles and grips free with low splash Guard for LONG-TERM POSITIVE HABBITS. STRONG BRAND: Perfechi combine Style & Functionality: As parents of 2 toddlers we insisted to design the Seats in an amusing shape to maximize positive reinforcement and experience. Therefore, the potty is shaped as an animal and combines unisex colors to fit any bathroom décor. The seat is surrounded with a Simple-To-Store Hanging Ring and made of soft & comfy materials easy to clean and sanitize. Our seat is also portable and lightweight, with safe & easy day-to-day or even airplane travel.
$29.99 $19.50
POTTY TRAINING MADE SIMPLE. Potty training your baby doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience! The Cozy Greens® Potty Ring seat adapter helps children feel safe when learning to use the toilet, and is perfect for elongated and round bowls. The integrated urine splash guard prevents accidents and makes cleaning a breeze. For parents new to potty training, we also include a FREE illustrated eBook on potty training with techniques to get your toddler trained in no time. Farewell diapers! COMFORT WHERE IT MATTERS MOST. Cozy Greens® potty seats feature a luxurious ComfySeat™ material which helps your child feel comfortable on the potty. Increase your baby’s confidence with the added stability of the GrippySafe Anti-Slip Ring™ which eliminates the fear of falling in by preventing the seat from moving around. No kiddie handles or grips needed! Our toilet trainers are all ergonomically designed and built with durable materials that will not scratch, break, or deform. STYLISH DESIGN. As parents, we believe that baby products should be stylish and functional. That is why we designed our potty training seat to fit any bathroom decor. As opposed to potty chairs that take up valuable space, the Potty Ring topper comes with a suction cup and hook screw for convenient storage on the wall or the side of your toilet tank, allowing the toilet trainer to be an adornment to your bathroom instead of a disruption. Pair with our Step Stool for the perfect combination.
$39.97 $19.97
LIMITED TIME INTRODUCTORY PRICE – Safety & Durability: At Enovoe, safety always comes first. We are a family-owned company with kids of our own, and so we understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect potty training seat for boys and girls. Look no further! Enovoe’s Potty Seat is uniquely designed to fit snugly on OBLONG and ELONGATED toilet seat to ensure your little one feels SAFE and CONFIDENT on the potty! And Easily Store it Away when done with the Built in potty ring Hook! A BREEZE TO CLEAN: We understand that accidents happen. Enovoe’s Potty Training Seat is designed with a splash guard to help minimize accidents during potty training their kids and ensure that cleaning is always a breeze. Potty ring stays more sanitary with toddler potty seat and no chances for germs to harbor in potty seat. This toilet training seat is easy to maintain. Just rinse with warm water & dry. It’s that simple! COMFORT: Potty Training seat can be a draining, but it doesn’t need to be! Our Toilet Potty Seat is easy to install and comfortable potty seat. This toddler toilet seat has anti-slip material which gives its bottom grip to training seat surface will help keep your child from slipping inside and eliminate your child’s fear. Also our potty trainer is portable potty seat and also travel-friendly potty seat. Your little one will love it!
$26.97 $16.97
40 stickers + chart that hang directly on bathroom doorknob reward child with sticker following use of potty eye-level so child can take pride in their success

Potty train

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POTTY TRAIN THE SIMPLE WAY: The B&K BABIES AND KIDS POTTY TRAINING SEAT helps your child stop using diapers; by placing the seat on any universal toilet; it provides a safe, secure feeling when learning toilet habits; the 14.6 by 11.4 by 2.4 inch gift box includes 1 potty seat, 1 hanging hook with tape, and 2 downloadable ebook links regarding transitioning to toilet training plus how to potty train; the product weighs 13.8 ounces and is available in blue and white or pink and white TOP QUALITY MATERIALS: Made of durable soft-surface plastic, the B&K BABIES AND KIDS POTTY TRAINING SEAT has an anti-slip ring underneath its oval base that securely grips the toilet and provides a secure feeling for your little one; it is BPA free, safe, and sturdy; the outer seal fits all standard elongated and round toilet bowls and will not shatter, crack, or break with repeated use; its hygienic easy-to-clean product has no crevices for microbes to harbor COMFORTABLE TRAINING: Your toddler will not feel like they are slipping or sliding into the toilet with the B&K BABIES AND KIDS POTTY TRAINING SEAT; due to the non-slip material, it provides a grip for your kid’s bottom and doesn’t allow sliding off or into the toilet; the child feels safe and secure while learning about toilet hygiene; there is a small pee-guard built into the front of the toilet; its hanging loop plus hook and double-sided tape is for hanging when not in use
$29.95 $19.95
Get the best selling Potty Training guide for busy parents. Comes on audio cd. Listen on your computer, in the house or in the car. Potty Time Watch trains your child to go on their own and tell you when they have to go Laminated potty training charts with stickers gets your child involved and makes potty training fun for them
MAKE IT EASY WITH OUR KIDS POTTY SEAT: Our potty training seat helps your child take their next big step easily, and without fright. Our toddler potty training seat is the best choice to make your child feel cozy and sure of him/herself for a potty train with successful results for both of you! ERGONOMIC DESIGN & SUPREME COMFORT: This can all be succeeded due to our seat’s ergonomic design that offers your child a smooth and flat surface to sit. This non toxic potty training chair is ECO-Friendly 5P, made of plastic and rubber, while it is easy to clean and to hang up when not in use. The seat’s net weight is 0.29 kg. SAFETY COMES FIRST: Its non-slip rubber band and rubber hook, which grab the toilet, will help your child remain stable and safe on top of the seat, and promote his/her easy transition from the potty to the toilet. The splash guard helps prevent any messy accidents. This is definitely the best oblong potty training seat for elimination communication!
$25.95 $18.95
★ UNIVERSAL DESIGN THAT FITS ALL TOILETS PERFECTLY: The Zohzo travel potty training seat is the perfect choice for you no matter if you have a standard or an elongated toilet! Its special, universal design assures the perfect fit, minimizing messes and helping your child feel ready to start using the toilet! ★ SOFT, NON SLIP, PADDED SURFACE FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT: Stop wasting your money on cheaply made, hard toilet seats once and for all! This top quality toilet training seat features a soft, padded, slip resistant surface that will provide your child with comfortable cushioning and a sense of safety, helping him or her feel relaxed and confident to go! ★ SAVE YOURSELF TIME AND EFFORT WHILE HELPING YOUR CHILD GROW: Forget about bathrooms which end up being a reeking mess! Stop pushing your child to start using the toilet! This portable potty seat for toddlers will make toilet training a neat, effortless, enjoyable experience for both your child and yourself! Boosting your baby’s confidence and saving you from having to clean for hours, this toilet seat is a must have for every house!
$29.99 $9.99
The toilet training timer that makes potty training fun & easy! Lets your little one know when it’s time to go! The Potty Watch does the reminding so you don’t have to!
Treated with an EPA approved, anti-microbial additive to keep germs at bay Sturdy handles for added security Non-slip base keeps the trainer in place; Fits most toilets
Soft, squishy and super comfy toilet trainer Stands upright for easy storage when not in use Fits most Toilets; Stays put with 2 suction cups
Built in Splash Guard! Protects from Misdirected Spray Soft, Durable, Non-staining, Non-slip Easy to Keep Clean – No Small Parts
Fits most standard and elongated toilets Polypropylene
Fits most standard and elongated toilets Polypropylene Wash with mild soap and water
3 stages of use: 1) Stand alone potty, 2) Removable training seat, 3) Stepstool for adult potty Illustrated, soft cover owl themed story book Interactive sound panel with recorded story

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