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Soft Bristles Unique Shape 4 colors :Green-Blue or Pink-Purple or Pink-Green or Green-Orange
$9.00 $8.78
Banana design training toothbrush that’s 100% medical grade silicone Soft and flexible bristles and handle reduce risk of mouth injury to child Toothbrush is dishwasher safe, freezer safe, and free of noxious elements
Stage 4 of a 6-Stage Oral Care System which grows with your child from birth to age 12 to help develop a love of brushing and good oral habits Baby’s 1st toothbrush is child controlled and great for teething! Innovative H-Shaped, 6 sided brush gently cleans and massages upper and lower teeth and gums simultaneously Easy, for home and on-the-go! 100% FDA approved food grade silicone and BPA free toothbrush works with water to help remove sugars and bacteria from the mouth
A good way for your little ones brushing rather than crying, since they DO NOT enjoy regular toothbrushes! Baby have no problem with these toothbrushes in their mouth, getting teeth clean never been this easy and hassle free! 100% soft silicone, BPA free and FDA approved, the bristles are soft enough for you to thoroughly clean baby’s oral without causing pain, the bumps on the other side is good for gum massaging when baby is teething. Just simply slips this finger toothbrush on to your finger then you can take care of the gums and teeth without difficulty. Not too bulky so perfect for little baby mouths. They stay on when you are using them, fits on finger neatly and easy to get on and off.
$19.99 $8.99
Crystal animal shapes children’s natural ceramic toothbrush with Portable Box (can without using toothpaste) Item: JP2083,JP2084,color:pink,blue; Origin: Japan Ingredients: brush handle: unsaturated polyester resin; brushing: nylon(Brush hair contains duanhu rock and special apatite component)
$11.50 $10.85
Dreambaby® Silicone Baby Toothbrushes are designed specifically for baby teeth, gums and tooth rims. Soft texture yet long lasting and durable. – Easy to clean. Encourages great dental hygiene.
The perfect size for tiny mouths and first teeth Gently yet effectively massages teeth and gums Safety shield helps prevent over-insertion
Vendor: Hager Pharma Item: Hager Pharma Infant O Brush – Baby Blue – 1 Count For: Oral Care
Includes 1 brush/stamp, stamp pages and stickers Designed for 36 months and up Official Bandai / Toei partnership
Short neck and Unique teeth ring to prevent to swallow or prick when brushing. Non toxic & Chewing grip are safe and good to stimulate baby’s gum (BPA and Phthalates Free). Ergonomic shaped handle good grip for both baby and parents. Colored bristles indicate amount of fluoride toothpaste to be used.
【Creative New Design】Soft and comfortable bristle+ Mini brush head. Great fitness for narrow oral and young tooth, avoid the mistake harm to baby’s gingival mucosa. 【Safety Material】Made of food grade ABS, 100% environmental TPE, no BPA, lead and other harmful substances. 【LED lights 】Come with LED light, it is convenient for parents to observe children’s oral internal conditions and prevent from diseases such as the HFMD.
$18.69 $8.69
ENSURE THE BEST ORAL HYGIENE FOR YOUR CHILD: Kidsmile’s fingertip toothbrush delivers oral hygiene to your child like never before! Keep your child’s teeth and gums clean and healthy and help them develop a good set of teeth and gums! SKIN SOFT SILICONE USED: Do not damage the teeth and gums of your child in the process of cleaning them. We use only the softest silicone material that leaves your child’s mouth free from mechanical damage when you used them. Do not worry about accidentally hurting your child EASILY USED OVER ADULT FINGERS: Our product design suits adult fingers of all sizes, so you do not have to worry about sizing issues, our suitability of product. Keep it simple and easy!
$17.99 $9.99
Includes two brushes for learning and self brushing Round heads which adapts perfectly to baby’s mouth Red bristles indicate the proper amount of toothpaste to use
Long, ergonomic handle for holding together Massaging head for massaging sensitive gums Developed with dentists
It’s a toothbrushing timer, holder, and clock. Two extra large, easy-to-clean toothbrush holders. Large rubberized, non-scratching feet hold the unit firmly on the countertop.
Packing:3pcs finger toothbrush(1 White case,1 Blue Case,1 Pink Case) +1 Beam Port Storage Bag in package. With case,it is clean to keep. Easy for home and outside to use.Use it anytime.anywhere. Food grade Silicone Finger Toothbrush soothes tender gums and brushes new baby is BPA-free brush ,safe for Babies. Clean baby teeth, mouth and tongue.
3M+ BPA Free Made in China
No Flouride – Safe to swallow Helps clean baby’s teeth Natural mixed berry flavor

Nuk Brush

No rating
Wonderful tools for oral motor stimulation and desenzitation Offers valuable sensory input Provides calming benefits for a sensory diet.
No fluoride – safe to swallow Natural mixed berry flavor For 12m+
NUK Toddler Tooth and Gum Cleanser, 1.4 Ounce Ergonomically designed wide handle is easy for little hands to grip Toothbrush has a small head for easy brushing
Unique Cushioned Head is designed to help protect tender gums Baby-Soft Bristles for gentle cleaning and massaging of baby teeth and tender gums Non-Slip Handle designed to help parents brush baby’s teeth and gums.
SAFETY&QUALITY GUARANTEED – Toothbrush is made from DUPONT materials and 1.2 times more brushes than normal tooghbrushes. Brick figure tooth brush&holder cause interest when brushing your teeth SIZE – Toothbrush (6.8 inches), Holder (1.2 x 1.7 x 0.9 inches)
as pictured Paw Patrol Children’s Oral Hygiene Care Set Powered Toothbrush & Fluoride Toothpaste, Band Aids & Mouth Rinse Cup Perfect back to school gift set
for 12 months+ baby Full Milk Teeth Extra-Soft bristles for sensitive gums and gentle cleaning of baby’s teeth.
Preventive Dental Infant-Toddler Safety Toothbrush – Children’s Oral Care – 24 per Pack The first product made specifically for the safe introduction of dental care to young children Uniquely shaped toothbrush makes it easy for infants and toddlers to grip and manipulate the device and learn how to brush their own teeth
RELIEVES TEETHING PAIN! The firm yet pliable surface provides the perfect pain relief for your baby. SAFE FOR YOUR BABY! Non-Toxic 100% food-grade silicone. Absolutely free from BPA, PVC, latex, lead, phthalates, nitrosamines, cadmium, and heavy metals. PAIN RELIEF & COOLING! Teethers are Freezer-safe, so they can be cooled to provide extra pain relief! Always keep one stored in the freezer, one in the diaper bag, and one with the baby.
Tested for safety and durability Made using high quality materials The most innovative designs and manufacturing processes
For the first 18 months Includes infant toothbrush/gum stimulator with soft rubber “bristles” and toddler toothbrush with soft toothbrush bristles The infant toothbrush/gum stimulator has a flexing handle that helps to get the right angle on wriggly baby’s little mouth
Dual sided infant toothbrush Tested approved hospital choice Includes Fingertip toothbrush & storage case
WE ARE ON SALE – SAVE 50% ON 2 OF EVERY 2 QUALIFYING ITEMS. PACK OF 4 BANDANA Style Bibs with girls printed designs 3 SETS OF SNAPS closures to provide different sizes as the baby grows.
Japan import. Jump out. Hardness of the hair-Usually.
Soft, textured tip to soothe baby’s gums Designed with anti-choke shield and it’s easy to hold, BPA and Phthalate free

Showing all 36 results