Congrats, you’re going to be a mom! But how do you tell your boss & co-workers?


Congratulations! You are going to become a mother! It is so fascinating to share the news to your nearest and dearest, but you may feel a bit more reluctant to inform your working circle you are expecting. For many moms-to-be, this dialog can be frightening, particularly if they don’t possess access into paid family leave (just 13% of private sector employees in the U.S. has paid maternal leave).

Additionally, it may be confusing to choose when and how to inform your boss & company.

If you are getting ready for the big announcement, there is actually nothing to be terrified of.

Here are some simple & easy methods on breaking the news of your pregnancy at work.

Your boss ought to hear it from you personally

Firstly, the first-person strategy is best, particularly for a pregnancy statement. Refrain from posting on Facebook before you inform your boss. With so many people connected to coworkers on social media, you would like your boss to listen from you about your pregnancy prior to telling other coworkers. Always tell your boss face to face too as you can gauge his response & plan how to move forward.

Timing is everything

Most pregnant employees will opt to inform their employer around the end of their first trimester or early in the next.  With that said, this might not be difficult if you are showing symptoms of pregnancy like morning sickness. The best time is during the evening on a Friday, as your boss would have time to think over the weekend, away from the hustle & bustle.

Here’s our recommendation on the sequence of announcement: Boss, immediate colleagues, and finally customers.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the support & encouragement you will experience from your surroundings.

Be professional at all times

Never start your announcement with an apology or even choose to apologise. Pregnancy is a happy & natural transition & stage of your life so it should be embraced. Just announce it as is with no apologetic tone.

You can stay professional by recognising the way your pregnancy might impact your job moving ahead.

After your initial announcement, make sure to approach your HR department to inquire about any procedures you need to follow. It is crucial you made aware pregnancy leave policies, medical leave limits and compromises to your daily work. If your company doesn’t have such a facility, just ask a colleague that was pregnant prior.

If you’re job hunting, proceed as normal

If you are job hunting while pregnant, you have no legal obligation to tell your potential employer about your pregnancy. Finding and being accepted for a new job is already difficult enough without your potential company worrying about your maternity leave. The best solution would be the announce only after you’ve received the job offer. If your job offer was pulled after disclosing your pregnancy you now have a discrimination case.

These might be hard discussions to have with your company, but they are really important & inevitable. Getting positive guidance from your supervisor will permit you to get the absolute most from your working life while pregnant and your upcoming maternity leave.

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