Feeding Your 9- To 12-Month Old

What’s nutritious for a baby?

Okay, so those babies that are 9 to 12 months old and still has no teeth, will start having a knack on those foods like chicken, broccoli and tomatoes and such, we called them “tweens”. But good news, you can come up with creative and simple dishes three times a day.

Babies need different kind of nutrients like adults do.

Fruits and vegetables are fundamentals of nutrients. So since most of you think “oh this is going to be hard”, ever heard of a term called “Eat the Rainbow”? Serve your babies different kinds of meals serve with different colors, which includes the greens (broccoli, spinach and asparagus), orange (sweet potatoes), yellow (banana, squash) and red (cooked tomatoes).

Though juices are not as healthy as you think they are, they’re normally filled with sugar and possibly zero fiber. Don’t follow whatever the food pyramid tells you though, because babies mostly eat readily cooked noodles, cereals, rice and soft breads. Carbohydrates are important yes, but don’t forget to add fish, chicken, eggs and beans for more nutrients.

Getting Started

Don’t think long and hard on how you’re going to prepare newly cooked dishes for your baby. You can start by using the baby food that your child already  likes. For instance, don’t fed your baby with a spoon full of peas, instead mix the peas with cooked pasta or mashed potatoes. Fresh peaches could be added into yogurt but unsweetened. You know – or use your creativity.

But if you are adding new foods to her diet, keep watch of allergies that will appear. Please slowly introduce new foods to your baby, so you can see any unnatural reaction. Your baby will make funny faces as she is tasting new things and might also reject some meals. Be patient about this.

Don’t force feed your child or you’d find it hard to see whether she’s full or not and may lead to overeating when she’s growing up. Recall that babies have tiny stomachs so they can’t consume that much food to begin with.


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