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Decoding Baby’s Expressions!

Sometime you’re wondering what in the world does your baby wants. Well, maybe it’s just written all over her face and we don’t notice it.


The Signs:  Your baby’s face will look like she’s zooming into something with her mouth a bit open and her gaze lowered. She might squeal or point or maybe even move to the object.

What to Do: If your baby had her sights on a bright colored spoon, let her play and examine it. But make sure it’s a safe object. Piqued your baby’s interest even more by making tapping sounds with it. That way, most objects that she’ll sees will mostly be pointing and reaching like she wants to know about the object further.


The Signs: The corner of your baby’s mouth will turn down and both her eyebrows will be arching up to the middle. If she’s not crying, then her chin would be quivering.

What to Do: This distress signals means that your baby has had enough stimulation and should you not act fast, the situation will become a disaster. You need to bring your baby to a place where its quiet which your baby will be calmed down afterwards.


The Signs: Your baby will start crying, yelling and perhaps even throw a toy in your direction and may even laugh when she sees your reaction.

What to Do: First off, take it as a compliment that your baby is acknowledging your presence and wants your attention – it shows the bond that you both have. Engage by playing with your infant when you’re saying; and change the rhythm and the tone of your voice. But remember, you’re the only source of entertainment. Your baby also need her own space to explore.


The Signs: Mostly the face will be red from crying and the eyes are screwed shut. Might bat your hand away if you try to touch her.

What to Do: Keep in mind that babies are simple, and have yet to master t=other kinds of emotions such as shame or jealousy. If you’ve checked on her and she’s not hurt, she’s most probably tired of hungry. Soothe her by making sounds like “shhh” or “it’s okay it’s okay” and not grown-up words like “oh, she’s hungry”. Because obviously your baby couldn’t understand.


What to Do: The eyes will be frozen and her body will either be still or trembling. And will probably cry out.

What to Do: Babies do not have the capacity to understand what is scaring them. So let’s just say when a car honks, to you it;s just a car honking but for your baby it’s a scary sound. She might not grasp your words yet but just by listening to your voice is soothing enough for her.


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