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10 Things to Know About Walking

Most parents will be over the moon to find that their baby is already walking on their own. You shouldn’t quicken the process though, just follow according to the pace of your baby and everything will be fine.

Every child follows the same sequence of stages.

Sitting Up: When babies reach 6 months, they’ll start to grasp the puzzle and use the muscles to stay vertical.

Pulling to a Stand: The timing will be different and mostly will be trying by 10 months. Because we mostly depend on our lower body especially the hips and the legs need strength to lift the upper frame.

Cruising: It depends on the age, but when she finally does it, he’ll be sure to explore the whole entire house.

You’ll recognize a new walker

The next challenge is to be able to lift one foot after another while balancing each other. For your baby to stand, she needs to contract all of her muscles. However, to walk, she’d need to relax herself especially her hips and knees just a bit. Now, the other challenge is to figure out the right amount of muscle tension in her legs.

There’s little parents can do to speed up the timetable

Don’t try to fasten the process because honestly, it all depend on the baby’s pace. Try not to stress it too much, eventually, in time, your baby will learn how to walk.

Early or late walking may provide clues to your child’s personality

You wonder if your baby is qualified for a sports scholarship if their baby managed to walk at an early age. Well, actually no but it’s good to see that you’re baby is up and at it though. In our words, some kids have the tendency to get up and do anything and they don’t worry about falling down.

Don’t freak if she prefers crawling

Don’t freak out, because babies sometimes choose crawling over walking. But sometimes, when she sees something that caught her attention, she’d rather go on all fours.


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