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The Best Toddler Clocks

If you’re being woken up a little too early by your too-rambunctious tots (particularly during weekends), consider snagging yourself a toddler clock. These clocks will alert your toddlers to the onset of a day, either by being set to light up or change colour on cue. You’ll find them to be great devices for weaning teensy toddlers on the concept of scheduled time. Not only will they learn to perceive numbers, letters and colours and benefit educationally as a result, they will also come to associate the clock’s systematic cues with necessary rules (i.e. when to wake up).

We’ve plumbed this relatively new market and scrounged up a list of the best toddler clocks to consider—so you can soon say goodbye to premature awakenings.

How Did We Pick?

We reviewed our initial selection of toddler clocks in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Features and setup. We checked to see if the clocks had user-friendly, intuitively operable interfaces and if they could be set according to desire with ease. Of course, we gave bonus points to the clocks with additional kid-luring features (like stories and lullabies)—always great to keep them willingly snuggled up.
  • Design and effectiveness. We prioritized designs that we found particularly alluring to kids, whether in terms of features or appearance. To keep a kid rapt, occupied, engaged, or simply having not a single reason to bolt out of bed makes up the prime purpose of a toddler clock, after all.
  • Material quality. We tested to see if how well the toddler clocks we appraised could withstand damage and subsequently endure the test of time. The durability of the clocks’ materials factors obviously into their longevity.
  • Kid-proofing ability. Whether a clock is kid-proof or not refers to how likely it is that its settings will get tampered or switched up by your dearly beloved tot. Naturally, an ideal clock’s settings would be difficult to scramble or effectively sealed from your child’s access.

Ultimately, we decided that the best toddler clock out there is My Tot Clock, living truly up to its name. Below is an in-depth review of it:

My Tot Clock

You’ll find that this charmingly functional clock is adorned with fun-and-intuitive bells and whistles for kiddy stimulation—but that’s not all. Its other operable offerings encompass songs, stories and colour change signallers for various key times in a tot’s life: bedtime, wake-up time, nap time, and even time-out. It also comes with a nightlight and a white noise option.

We found our kiddy testers particularly drawn to this amidst our trials — before they were even aware of any of its workings, the fun, night-themed face of this clock had gripped their attention with its glossy moon-and-star embellishments. You’ll find your tots rapt by its playtoy-esque appearance and the wealth of before-bedtime tales you can personalize it with (in the form of purchasable story cartridges).

Furthermore, we found the My Tot Clock to be more kid-proof than its contenders, featuring hidden buttons and a 5-second hold that defers the activation of buttons out in the open. And while we aren’t the biggest fans of its relatively obscure digital clock face, it hits the nail on the head where all our kid-friendly requirements are concerned.

Cast your eyes below for two budget-friendly alternatives.

My Sleep Clock

A relatively ‘under-equipped’ version of the My Tot Clock that stints on the bells and whistles in exchange for a more affordable price. You’ll get about the same profile of features as with the My Tot Clock: colour changing indicators across naptime, bedtime and wake-up time, lullling songs, and a white noise option.

Unfortunately, the My Sleep Clock runs solely on batteries, making it a tad less convenient to keep than the plug-and-battery-based My Tot Clock. Still, it comes with a handy power adapter to compensate, and all-around still makes for a more budget-friendly option than most clocks in the market.

Mirari Ok to Wake

If you’d like something that’s affordable and simultaneously a chinch to operate, consider the Ok to Wake. This clock straightforward in its delivery, boasting the barest features you’ll find yourself needing in effectual entirety. It’s got a nightlight option and a colour-changing alarm to signal wake-up time. It proved sufficiently attractive to our little testers too — they were particularly taken by its simplistic interface, complete with a blob design and a charming animated face that shows up when you touch its right foot.

Overall, the Ok to Wake is great for if you favour both convenience and practical functionality over everything. Unfortunately, its buttons are merely hidden behind an easily removable faceplate, proving to be not so kid-proof (and you’ll find yourself needing to reset it regularly).

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