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The Best Stuffed Animals For Your Tot To Cuddle With

Stuffed animals come in a fantastic variety, from squeezable teddies to cuddle-worthy, bunny-eared simulacrums. Whatever form they might come in, though, you’ll find them becoming great companions to your teeny tots—provided they’re crafted, and maintained, with the proper care.

We’ve put together a selection of the best stuffed animals to get for your little one.

Cuddlekin Three Toed Sloth Plush

True to a sloth’s nature, this lovable plush is slow and soft to the touch, and we’re certain he’ll worm his way effortlessly into your young ones’ hearts. Plus, he’s got a positively vibrant set of skills to boast of, from cuddling on sofas to hanging out of hampers.

Vermont Giant Cuddle Teddy Bear, 36 Inches

Vermont’s winning, ursine cuddle buddy has got a sleepy look to it that is sure to win hearts over. This snuggle-worthy giant’s floppy build and soft exterior will not only have kids head over heels for it, but grown-ups as well (making it a perfect Valentine’s gift).

Wild Republic Giant Wolf

This will have your kids ‘ooh’-ing and ‘aah’-ing with how lifelike and yet oh-so-cuddly it looks. If your little one’s a particular fan of the badass portion of the animal kingdom, consider this — it’ll have him feeling not only comfortable, but like the proud leader of a pack.

Lalaloopsy Rag Doll

The rag dolls in the Lalaloopsy series each boast a unique, individual theme, coming to life as charmingly distinct characters. You’re bound to find one that’ll tickle your tot’s fancy, whatever their interest!

Gund Grumpy Cat Plush Toy

A millennial-themed cuddleable modeled after the infamous Grumpy Cat. This replica is made of a sublimely soft plush material that will prompt your teeny tot to cuddle its frustrations away.

Worry-Eating Plush Pals

The Worry-Eating series boasts a unique concept that’ll appease your little one wonderfully. Apart from their vibrant, kooky appearances, they have unzippable pouches for bodies that are designed for your tot to ‘dump’ their worries in—scribbled on pieces of paper. Watch them brighten up as they feed their worries to their plush pals.

Feisty Pets Cuddles Von Rumblestrut the Guinea Pig

All you have to do is to squeeze the back of this guinea pig’s head, and it’ll shed its default mellow disposition for a hilarious expression of anger. Perfect for kiddies that need a little laugh more often than not.

Aurora World Miyoni Pig Large Plush

Miyoni’s adorable snout and huggable appearance will have her becoming a favourite with most kids anywhere—whether your tot is street-smart and city-bound or a fan of countryside delights.

Husky Dog to Polar Bear FlipAZoo

This reversible stuffed animal courtesy of FlipAZoo will prove a fun alternative for even the most easily bored kids. Expect an outburst of wonder when your little one realizes they can transform their cuddleable husky to a polar bear in the blink of an eye.

Jellycat Corduroy Fox

This lush corduroy fox doesn’t have a lick of fur on it, but trust us when we say it’s still snuggable as ever. In fact, its plump, velvety texture isn’t just cuddle-worthy, but durable too, and you can expect it to withstand some degree of toddler abuse and still look presentable.

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