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The Best Mobiles For Your Baby’s Crib

If you’d like to add a touch of wonder to your baby’s nursery, consider getting a dreamy, dangling mobile—here, we’ve got a list packed with the stellar mobiles that have caught our eye in particular, perfect for easing your tot into a blissful sleep.

Unicorn Baby Mobile

Simulate a fairytale before your tot’s star-struck eyes with this unicorn-themed mobile. Up close, you’ll find each wool-crafted cartoon and cloud to be hand-sewn with remarkable, loving detail.

Tic Tac Design Co Fairy Garden Crib Mobile

This stunning mobile features vivid blues and enchanting pinks, making for the perfect simulacrum of a fairy garden. Plus, it’s a handcrafted product of New Zealand—the land of quaint hobbits and lush Tolkien imagery (so it’s no wonder it looks like it came out of a fairytale!).

Bedtime Originals Curly Tails Musical Mobile

For those tots that are adorably keen on safari animals and jungle aesthetics. This mobile features clean lines and cleanly sewn, cutesy monkeys. If you take a closer look, you’ll see that each monkey’s got a teensy lil’ banana clutched in its tail—we certainly were charmed by that addition!

VicTsing Musical Crib Mobile Frame

This mobile is utterly, beautifully—empty! That’s right, have yourself a frame that you can get wildly creative with and hang whatever suits your tot’s fancies from! After you’re done assembling one on your own, you’ll find that it functions perfectly like any storebought mobile—rotating, and serenading your tucked-in bab.

The Peanut Shell White Moon and Silver Stars Nursery Ceiling Mobile

Treat your child to a spectacle of silver stars and an ivory-clad moon with this simple yet delicately charming mobile.

Shiloh Baby Musical Crib Mobile

A musically-geared mobile furnishes a collection of 60 alternating tunes, which basically means your lil’ tot will be in for hours of entertainment—soothing or fun-filled. You’ll have jazz, lullabies, and many more to choose from.

Carter’s Friends Collection Musical Mobile

You can count on this woodland-themed mobile to lull your nature-loving child to sleep. Heck, you’ll find them to be well-enchanted by its dangling, stuffed forest animals long before the snoozing hour arrives.

Huanger Projection and Toy Musical Mobile

Ease your child into a fun-filled, futuristic vision with this colourful, space-themed mobile — it projects images as well as plays songs, and will get him or her mystified for sure!

Tiny Love Dual Motion Developmental Mobile

This Tiny Love mobile will rope your kids into a fun lil’ game of hide-and-seek — its unique spinning system renders some of its cute, dangling characters invisible at times, and your tot will be tickled pink with delight to see them appear and reappearing. This mobile also features a mellow nightlight and provides 40 minutes of soothing, lulling music for your baby.

Just Born Adventure Musical Mobile

This mobile is furnished with a sly, dot-eyed fox, a cute stitched teepee and other hand-knitted imitations of woodland fare that’ll get you lusting for country vibes. These quaint elements are set to spin languidly to a nice, soothing lullaby.

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