Swim Diapers

The Best Baby Swim Diapers

Ever thought of taking your little tot along to the pool for a splash? Fret not—we’ve put together a list of the best non-absorbent diapers, specially designed for your little one’s enjoyment in the pool. That’s right, swim diapers are a thing, and you’ll find them to be just what you need to get your baby splashing about in both delight and with certain comfort.

Pikababy Pineapple Swim Diaper

This pretty little set of bottom-wear is fresh as well as dashing—peppered with colourful fruit motifs and black polka-dots of a cutesy ilk. With this, your baby will be set to become the life of the party.

Babygoal Swim Diapers

These lush diapers will look great against a Venetian beach backdrop, featuring classy nautical patterns in elegant black and wistful blue. Cute turtles, starfish, seashells, and ornate jellyfish make up the motifs that decorate these attractive—yet affordable—bottoms.

iPlay Rainbow Stripe Swim Diaper

Perfect for spunky little girls with just-as-bright wardrobes, these diapers boast rainbow stripes, bows and pretty pink buttons along the left side.

Alvababy Swim Diapers

This dual package offers two chic and stylish options for your paddling tot. Each pair boasts its own beautifully-rendered, artistic patterns, such as whorling waves that appear painted-on. Furthermore, the snaps on the front of these diapers make them easily adjustable.

Babyganics Color-Changing Disposable Swim Pants

This disposable set of diapers is thoroughly functional, having built-in UPF 50+ sun protection. As if that wasn’t enough, they’re even designed to change colour when exposed to the sun—a little feature intended to remind you to apply due sunscreen to your tot. Plus, these diapers are constructed of an environmentally friendly, sustainable core.  

Bee Baby Swim Diaper

This bumblebee-patterned pair of bottoms is sure to catch attention—so you won’t have a problem keeping your tot well under your watchful eye.

Babygoal Rose Swim Diapers

For all those teeny feminine babs that would love a chance to strut their stuff. The rosy, delicate patterns on this queenly pair will append a curious charm to your angel’s flounces ‘cross the beach.

Beau and Belle Swim Diaper

This reusable swim diaper features a nautical velvet-blue and striking, minimalist arrows—sure to complement your lovable toddler in the most stylish way possible.

Watermelon Honest Swim Diaper

This lush, watermelon-patterned pair was put out by Jessica Alba’s Honest Company, and really, that alone seals our trust pretty soundly. Couple this trendy diaper with a rash guard and sunscreen, and your tot is good to go.

Apple Cheeks Washable Swim Diaper

We loved how phenomenally adjustable this pair was when we eyed it — it boasts two rows of straps, so you can graduate overtime from the tighter setting to the looser alternative as your toddler ages. Furthermore, its leg openings are fitted with thick elastic, designed to trap poopy accidents and to stall leaks.

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