Baby Rattles

The Best Baby Rattles

Shake-shake-shake. Baby rattles are more than just toys to trifle with (and to keep your tot miraculous occupied). In fact, bestowing your kid with a baby rattle will give him or her an early avenue to develop his or her motor skills. Sharpen your little one’s hand-eye coordination with any one of these spectacular baby rattles!

Estella Milk & Cookie Organic Rattles Baby Gift Set

This rattle almost looks tasty enough to chew on! You’ll find it encapsulated in a soft knit material—how soft? As soft as 100% organic cotton, because it is. With how it looks, feels, and with the soothing sound it gives off, you’ll find your baby thoroughly enchanted by its quirky offerings.

SmartNoggin NogginStik

The NogginStick will not only succeed in entertaining your baby, but also offers a delightfully innovative way for them to scale up the development ladder. First off, it boasts a multi-sensory activity toy at the top that exhibits colour changes with the baby’s movements—a sure charmer. Furthermore, it’s handle is appropriately textured, making it easy for your little one to grip on.

Manhattan Toy Classic Baby Beads Wooden Rattle

We’d recommend you not be fooled by the simplicity of these colourful beads—they boast a smooth wood surface that’ll prove sensuously soothing all-round, and not just to your child. Overall, they’ll definitely feel great to fidget with.

Fred Buff BabyDumbbell Rattle

This one’s for parents that are big on fitness and would like for their little ones to uphold the tradition! Have your baby looking like a champion with this curious faux-dumbbell of a rattle—and who knows. With this baby in hand, they might come to snatch the likes off your gym photos!

Green Sprouts Chime Rattle Made From Organic Cotton

This rainbow-striped rattle mirrors a dumbbell in shape, but its relative trippiness will have your lil’ tot falling head over heels for it. Made of 100% organic cotton, you’ll find your baby loving the feel of it as well as the curious chime it gives off when shaken.

Fisher-Price Rattle and Rock Maracas Musical Toy

These maraca-styled rattles will have your babies jiving to the beats they make! Trust us when we say this’ll make the perfect toy—after all, it’s got the support of just about more than a thousand favourable reviews on Amazon.

Skip Hop Explore & More Roll-Around Rattle

This cute lil’ rattle resembles a particularly rotund hedgehog — its flexible form will have it bouncing off the floor and stirring giggles out of your little one. Plus, it’s embedded with tiny finger holes that make it graspable—your baby will have a bomb shaking their faux-quilled friend and setting chimes off.

HABA Kringelring Wood Rattle

We can vouch that this colourful ring of a rattle won’t see better days for a while—it’s made of durable beechwood and sheathed in a non-toxic stain that makes it teeth-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about potential harm coming to your baby.

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