The Best Baby Formulas

If you’re here, you’re probably either scouting for a full-time baby formula or seeking out a worthy supplement to your breastfeeding sessions. Before we delve into this list, we’d like to first advise you to consult your baby’s pediatrician before making any decisions about what formula to get.

Our picks are chock-loaded with wholesome ingredients, making them even less distinguishable from actual breast milk than ever before. So if you find yourself routinely unable to breastfeed your baby, ditch the cow’s milk and consider nourishing your child further with formula designed to contain all the special essential nutrients breast milk offers.

Gerber Good Start Gentle Baby Formula

A certified wholesome blend that’ll prove a great match for fussy babies. This formula contains a wealth of easy-to-digest proteins and probiotics—great for alleviating colic, gas and any other potential symptom that could causing your baby some level of bodily distress. Expect to have your tot’s crying bouts be cut in half with this effective, non-GMO formula.

Similac Advance Non-GMO Baby Formula

This top-notch formula for infants is packed to the brim with OptiGRO, a robust blend of lutein, DHA and vitamin E. You can verily count on this mix to support your baby all throughout this crucial phase of growth.

Earth’s Best Organic Baby Powder Formula

This organic baby powder will prove a fantastic supplement to the growth of your one-year-old. It contains ingredients geared for boosting brain health, eye health, and your baby’s immunity. Earth’s Best also offers a range of tweaked varieties alongside this formula, inclusive of a non-DHA option, a soy-based option and a specialized organic alternative for babies sensitive to lactose.

Enfamil Soy Baby Formula

If you’ve got a little one that’s particularly adverse to dairy, we recommend this soy-based formula courtesy of Enfamil. While it’s lactose-free, fret not—you’ll find that it contains a wealth of nutrients that are altogether beneficial to your baby’s growth (including plant-based proteins).

Happy Tot Grow and Shine Toddler Formula

This toddler-geared formula is jam-packed with elements that will more than amply support the growth of your child. This’ll equip your growing tot with a rich supply of DHA and ARA—for the brain—and myriad other elements beneficial to bolstering immunity.

Enfamil Enspire Baby Formula

This formula is supplemented with milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) and lactoferrin — two beneficial nutrients that occur naturally in breast milk. Expect this robust blend to nourish your baby as just well as breast milk would.

Kabrita Goat Milk Formula

This goat milk-based formula is sweet to the taste, pleasantly mild and offers a whopping total of 22 vitamins and minerals (including an offbeat iron boost). We can verify that this blend is free of antibiotics, growth hormones and artificial flavourings of any sort.

Gerber Extensive HA Hypoallergenic Powder

Sniffing out the perfect formula can get frustrating if your beloved little one has a cow’s milk allergy. This hypoallergenic powder—courtesy of Gerber—can fix that for you, boasting the milder whey as its chief ingredient and a myriad of other elements poised to support your baby’s gut flora.

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