The Best Umbrella Baby Strollers

#1 : Summer Infant 3D Lite

Our Pick

Summer Infant 3D Lite

The Summer Infant Stroller technically have the complete features that most parents are looking that includes multiple-position seat recline that are perfect for naps, a shoulder strap and a quick-one handed.

$80* from Amazon

It also happens to be one of the lightest models we’ve ever tested. But there is a downside though, when it’s been folded, it can’t stand up properly and the shade of the sun will be bigger.

#2 : Joovy Groove Ultralight

Upgrade Pick

Joovy Groove Ultralight

Unlike the previous choice, this model can stand up on its own even after being folded and has strategic placed peekaboo window that gives you the chance to check up on your little one without having you to stop the stroller and go to the front just to look at them.

$96* from Walmart
$96 from Amazon

The Joovy Groove stroller offers several storage such as mesh seat pockets and cup holders.

How we Picked

From the research and interviews that we have done, we concluded that a great umbrella strollers should have these qualities:

  • Lightweight yet sturdy: Technically speaking, the best models have aluminium frames that are solid enough. The goal of an umbrella stroller is to be lightweight enough to ease the folding process.
  • Full featured: The best umbrella strollers have a big overhanging cover, recline settings as well as a storage basket, a cup holder and lastly, a 5-point strap to prevent a curious child from leaning too much and fall over.
  • Easy to push and maneuver: When it comes to mobility, smaller wheels tend to pick up more of the vibrations and the bigger wheels roll over objects much easily. All of the umbrella stroller we’ve had had 4 sets of double wheels and they also have EVA-foam tires.
  • Easy to fold and carry: Another important quality that an umbrella stroller should have is to be able to stand up on its own once it’s been folded. The nicest models will have no problem in this situation and it won’t require you to use a lot of effort and force to fold them.
  • A good value: An expert told us to look at the beyond basic, cheap umbrella stroller. Just because you purchased an expensive model it does not mean you’ll be satisfied with the umbrella stroller.
  • Easy to clean: This particular characteristic is not actually important, however the fabric on most umbrella strollers had a hard time getting rid of the stain on them. A darker fabric will be a bit tricky to find the dirt and mud stains.

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