The Best Baby Strollers

Strollers are essential if you’re lazy to use those wraps and slings that leaves your muscles all tense and painful. I am determined that most parents prefer strollers to make their day easier and hands-free most of the time.

So here I’ve narrowed down the best strollers that can keep your little one comfortable.

#1 : Baby Jogger City Mini

Our Pick

Baby Jogger City Mini

This particular stroller is full-sized yet the lightest of all the stroller we’ve looked into.

$191* from Walmart
$246 from Amazon

Not only that, it’s more simple to fold it at the quickest pace, making this stroller the most convenient to store and transport. It has the complete set of features that you’ll need: excellent movement, a well-suited canopy with a number of well-placed windows and a recline seat that’s easy-to-use.

#2 : Britax B-Agile  3

Runner Up

Britax B-Agile  3

The Britax B-Agile is almost as good as City Mini.

$190 from Amazon
$195 from BuyBuy Baby

The features comes with a 3-wheeled arrangements, an equal handling and movements, a seat which is easy to recline and happens to be quite large, the storage basket is easy to use, and brakes doesn’t need much effort to employ. The downside is this stroller is not fit to be in certain cars and when it comes to folding this model, it takes an additional step – which makes it less favorable.

#3 : Uppababy Cruz

Upgrade Pick

Uppababy Cruz

This Cruz weighs heavier compare to both of our top pick and runner up.

$430* from Amazon
$500 from BuyBuy Baby
$550 from Nordstrom

There are parents out there that will find this stroller a decent contribution for its supplementary features such as: a self-standing fold, an extra-large basket, a reversible seat, a mesh peekaboo window that has magnetic closure as well as adjustable handlebars. On another note, this Cruz weighs heavier compare to both of our top pick and runner up.

How we Tested

We’re confidant that a great potential stroller should have:

  • Usable from birth through toddlerhood: One of the most important function of a stroller is to support the little one since they’re a baby until they reach three or five years of age. Sitting upright is crucial for older little ones, we also favored seats that can inclined more steeply compare to strollers that less inclined.
  • Easy to push and maneuver: Some strollers have rear wheels which are large and smaller wheels in front. And why is that? Because a stroller is being pushed from back, the big wheels behind will build power and traction while the smaller front wheels guide the movements.
  • Full-featured: Though some strollers come with loaded feature, but we found that a most of these features are actually not necessary. An effective stroller should have a canopy to protect your child from the sun rays as well as wind, a storage basket a 5-point safety harness.
  • Easy to Use: A stroller should be easy to use and their instructions should be clear and precise, even when you’re trying to calm a crying baby. What makes the stroller less annoying are the linked brakes which you could activate only with a single move and harness arrangement that won’t let you connect the straps to your waist every time you carry your little one.
  • Easy to fold, carry and store: Based on the interviews that we’ve done, most salespeople and parents thinks that weight and mobility are the key priority when purchasing a stroller. Basically, the lesser steps to fold the stroller, the better.
  • Good quality: A few strollers feel well-built and sturdier, yet, the others could feel quite somewhat loose and rickety.
  • A good value: We cancel the strollers which costs over $900. Most strollers that are sophisticated have exaggerating features like luxury fabric and weighs more than it should’ve. We just feel investing on these types of strollers are not worth it.
  • Durability: It’s normally not an issue, since in most reviews people were not complaining much about the strollers’ longevity and quality control issues. Strollers that can last long have a back welded axle than the one that engaged in the classic.
  • Convertibility for multiple children: The one salespeople always advise for parents to buy a stroller is the stroller’s potential to carry more children. There are already companies that are making this type of stroller happen.
  • Easy to Clean: Most parents don’t clean their strollers frequently except vacuuming, dusting off the crumbs, and spot clean. A fabric that could be removed easily would be really helpful in this kind of cases, but it’s not a necessary feature.

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