The Best All Terrain Stroller

Some moms are a fitness freak, meaning they won’t feel right if they don’t workout at least once in a day. But how can you as mother with a toddler or a year old baby can go for a jog at the park when there’s no one to babysit your kid? Why not just take your kid along with you? How? A kind soul has created a stroller that can be use on all type of terrain this means moms now can bring their kid along with them on a jog.

How Did We Pick

As the name suggested, this stroller is able to go almost anywhere all the while keeping your kid safe. So what we tested each of these all terrain stroller for were durability, safety, comfort and portability. Obviously durability is the utmost importance because you’ll be taking this stroller on all sorts of terrain, so you don’t want it to fall apart while pushing thus endangering your kid, no? So it must be able to withstand natural elements abuse. Of course, you’ll want the kid to be safe and comfortable in it.

The Top Three All Terrain Strollers

BOB Revolution Flex Stroller, Lagoon

This stroller has the ability to adjust its suspension to provide a comfortable ride for your kid. The front wheel has the option to be lock for a stable and smooth ride through rough terrains, or let swivel freely for more maneuverability .

The handles are padded and adjustable, it has 9 positions it can be adjusted into to suit parents of any height. This all terrain stroller is very portable –you can easily fold it  in two steps and its lightweight frame makes it easy to be carry around. The stroller can be attached with snack tray, so in case of your kid gets hungry while you are jogging,

The seating position can be adjusted to suit your kid’s comfort and ultra padded with 5 points of padded harness to keep your kid safe and comfortable while you are jogging. This stroller can support up to 70 pounds and the suitable age is 8 years and up.


  • Foldable
  • Adjustable suspension, seat, and handle
  • Versatile; can be attached with snack tray, and from car seat to stroller with Biatrix adapter (sold separately)

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger

This all terrain stroller is indeed built to traverse rough terrains because it designed and equipped with wide tires with great treads to for easy maneuver on rough terrains such as sands, gravel, dirt, or sidewalks.

The 12″ front wheel can be locked to provide more stability and control when you’re moving through rough terrain, the 16″ rear wheels make pushing the stroller feels effortless.

The stroller comes with folding mechanism with dual trigger system that acts as safety element for the stroller. The stroller canopy has mounted speakers that can be connected with most of today’s MP3 player and it also has molded , flip open child tray with two cup holders. The handle of this stroller is rubberized and adjustable as well as slip resistant.


  • Mounted canopy
  • Child tray with two cup holders
  • Rubberized, slip resistant

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