Pregnancy & Maternity Pillows Every Pregnant Woman Dreams Off

I understand there are mothers out there who are not getting enough sleep due to pains, back pains and just very uncomfortable. There’s never a good pillow that could support you back then. But you should be enjoying your luck because now there are many kinds of pregnancy pillows that will help you to FINALLY get some good night’s sleep.

#1: Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillows


Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillows

This is quite possibly the best pregnancy pillow you’re ever going to have.

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The filling of this pillow is so soft yet solid and it remain like that no matter how many time you used it. Those who have tried this pillows commented that they would insist not going anywhere without it because it gives them the proper sleep that they need. Although, there is a downside to this product, some women may have to get extra neck support.

#2: Comilife Knee Pillow


Comilife Knee Pillow

The best thing about this pillow is that it can be placed between your calves, thighs, under your bump and your shoulder to give it extra help and feeling all comfortable when sleeping.

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So next time whenever you feel like binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix, this is the kind of pillow you need. The cons for this pillow is that it may be too firm for those want added support.

#3: Leacho Snoogle Body Pillow


Leacho Snoogle Body Pillow

Despite it’s really weird shape. it’s actually designed by pregnant woman who is a nurse.

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The best thing about this pregnancy pillow is that it hugs the pregnant woman in all the right places. The curve of this pillow seems to be a perfect match for every pregnant woman’s body and the reason why almost everyone is completely head over heels for it. However, the downside is that taller women might feel too restricting.

#4: Bobby Pregnancy Wedge


Bobby Pregnancy Wedge

This pregnancy wedge is the answer to all your prayers ladies because this pillow could relieve a lot of your discomfort when night falls in.

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You’d think that this pillow is just so-so but once you reach your third trimester of your pregnancy; you would never want to leave it. The only disadvantage this pillow has is that it may be too firm.

#5: Blowout Bedding C-Shape Pillow


Blowout Bedding C-Shape Pillow

Again, it’s a weird shape for a pillow but trust me this does wonders for you.

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It’s super super soft and snuggly which makes it the perfect pillow to cuddle up with and relax yourself. And hello hello! You’re going to have a good night’s rest with this because it offers a tight support and the cover for this pillow could be easily taken off to wash. The only downside of this is the longer you use it, the flatter it become.

#6: Mindful Design Cooling Memory Foam Pillow


Mindful Design Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow is great especially for women who are experiencing hot flashes or perhaps those who are having trouble sleeping in warm climate because it has a cooling gel.

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To some pregnant mothers, this pillow is like like-saver to them. The nicest thing about this pillow is that it takes the shape of your bump to give more comfort when sleeping because of it’s foam. But, the downside is this pillow will eventually get lumpy if used over time.





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