Best Baby & Newborn Bottles (And Bottle Brush)

Finding the right bottle for your baby is crucial so that while they are feeding there equally as comfortable too. If you’re struggling to find the perfect bottle, here are some suggestions that we have for you.

#1: Lansinoh m0mma Bottle

Our Pick

Lansinoh m0mma Bottle

This special baby bottle is loved by many parents alike and always get good reviews, especially on Amazon.

$18* from Jet (5-ounce, pack of three)
$18 from Amazon (5-ounce, pack of three)

The Lansinoh baby bottle has a wide silicone nipple but designed with a gentle tip which enables the baby to easily latch onto it efficiently. One of the mot simplest bottles ever tested, comes with only 3 pieces, wide-mouth bottle yet well-made. It’s not just affordable but also easy to clean.

#2: Phillips Avent Natural and Phillips Avent Anti-colic

Also Great

Phillips Avent Natural

$23* from Amazon (4-ounce, pack of four)

Also Great

Phillips Avent Anti-colic

$23* from Amazon (4-ounce, pack of four)

If you’re searching for varieties of sizes and nipple choices, or keen in having glass bottles then this brand may be the best for you. Similar to the previous bottle, these types are one of the easiest bottler ever tested, and is not leaky. However, the Natural’s wide nipple may cause a bit of a problem for babies, specifically the younger ones. And for the second bottle, it has the narrower nipple. Both of these bottle are the best and most popular ones and is affordable for parents.

#3: Evenflo Classic + Vented

Also Great

Evenflo Classic + Vented

Apparently, experts say that traditional bottles works well for small ones and newborns because they have narrow nipples which technically is the right size for babies’ tiny mouths.

$23 from Walmart (4-ounce glass, pack of six)
$11 from Toys“R”Us (4-ounce glass, pack of three)

This brand is a nice choice for trying since it’s our only model that comes in forms of plastic and glass and some parents may appreciate that. It’s made of thinner plastic and feels nice to hold however, the volume marker are a bit hard to read. Sponges or brushes won’t be able to fit inside the narrow bottles and clean it efficiently. In other words, you can to any local drugstore or grocery store to purchase a simple narrow-neck bottles can still be a good option.

#4: OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Stand

Also Great

OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Stand

It’s necessary to lean all the edges of the baby bottles as well as their parts after you use it.

$35* from Jet
$13 from Amazon

Unless you have a dishwasher in your house and enough supply of bottles to be washed then that could be the simplest way to keep them clean. But majority of the people used hands to wash bottles, with this particular bottle brush that we have tested, we certify that this brush can fit inside the narrowest of bottles, easy to grip and can get dirt without any effort.

So How do We Picked?

We’ve done experiments to try and identify which is a better baby bottle. But before we begin, here is some knowledge regarding the basic components of the bottle.

Basic components: 

  • A container
  • A ring or a collar
  • A nipple

Some bottles also comes with caps to prevent anything from leaking and to keep it clean. Whereas, the container’s shape will depend on the size of the nipple. For example, wide nipples goes with wide-mouthed containers and narrow nipples goes with narrow containers. Furthermore, all of the containers we have experimented all have volume markings.

Now, there are three basic shapes of nipples:

  • Narrow nipples
  • Wide nipples
  • Gradually sloped nipples

So for the narrow nipples, could also be known as “traditional nipples” since it has a gradual slope from the tip to the base and overall small diameter. Experts have informed as that the narrow nipples are mainly the best choice, especially for newborns. Remember, narrow nipples could only fit narrow-necked bottles. When it comes to storage, these conveniently thin bottles could be store in either diapers bag or the fridge since it doesn’t take up much space. However, to clean them might take some time because you can’t fit the sponge or your hand in.

Next is the wide nipples. These are a bit more generous and a more blunt angle starting from the tip all the way to the base. The can fit in wide-mouthed bottles, which have a bigger opening and could ease the process of cleaning. In other words, wide nipples can be considered as “natural”, “just like Mom” or “breast-like”. However, the wide shape of it and its sudden angle may cause some difficulties for babies.

When it comes to gradually sloped nipples, they have a more wider base compare to the narrow nipples it’ll slowly transition from the tip to the base. Experts have told us that these gradually sloped nipples also work well on babies. One of the experts also note that the wide nipples does not have any specific spot for the baby’s lips to put, so it’s actually important to reassure that your baby stays latched on the nipple deeply and hopefully won’t slipped down during the feeding. The sloped nipples could fit on wide-mouthed bottles and they can also be cleaned easily.

We’ve made a list of every baby bottles we can find online such as Walmart and Amazon. Based on what we get from our research as well discussions from experts, we’ve understand that baby bottle should have these qualities.

  • Easy to use and clean: The experts told us that it’s best to start by getting simple bottles. In the beginning, you wouldn’t know what kind of bottle would suit your baby best, so might as well begin with a bottle that require less effort to assemble, keep track and clean.
  • Available in both and smaller sizes: Consider getting bottles in various sizes. Newborns or smaller babies normally consume about two to three ounces of feeding, whilst bigger babies will requite six ounces of feeding. On a side note, a bottle that is too small means that you might have to refill even before your baby is satisfied.
  • Leak-free: Most of the complaints coming from parents’ are regarding leakage problems. That’s one reason for bottles to have a more simpler design – the more pieces the bottle has, the higher the chances of leaking.
  • Affordable: Remember that just because a bottle is expensive, doesn’t mean it has good qualities. You can start purchasing cheaper container instead.
  • Able to swap parts: Different bottle brands offers different parts, meaning that bottles could come in glass or plastic and even nipple shapes with it’s credibility to be compatible. So if you can change the styles, your original nipples, containers and collars are still relevant. Although this criteria is not that important but it’s nice to know that it’s quite flexible.

How we Tested :

  • First of, we gather then take apart each bottles to see the difficulties in putting them back together.
  • For the volume markings accuracy, we do it by placing them on the digital scale and proceed to fill the bottles with water and then affirm the weight of the water matched the printed markings in both milliliters and ounces.
  • Next up, we mixed the powdered formula along with blur food dye and then filled every containers until it reach about two ounces. We later tilt the bottle which has been filled to see if the liquid leaks. An expert explained that dripping nipples were not much of a concern and was not a sign that the rate of the flow was too slow. It’s actually more of a mess issue rather than feeding issue.
  • We also test to see which bottle will be most likely to drip around the collar. The nipple was closed and then swirl, shook, and turned for at least a minute. We have noted that whether the liquid are leaked from either the collar and the vents and later take off the collar to check if any liquid flow from the nipple.
  • Next, the cleaning of the containers. We started by scrubbing along with the parts using the bottle brush to review the difficulty in terms of cleaning. Once they are dried, we examined if there are any traces of blue which are visible and to see if there any edges are hardy to clean.
  • And finally, regarding the glass bottle, we tested their sturdiness by dropping them to the floor from certain heights. And there are some that breaks.





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