Best Teepee Tents For Kids To Play In

Long ago, teepees were constructed of wood and animal skin—hardy inventions made to inhabit. In fact, they’re still being used today, for purposes such as cultural ceremonies. There are even smaller teepees designed for child’s play—literal child’s play. Whether they’re peppered in stars or swathed in coloured shapes, teepees designed for playtime are a great arena for the imagination. Plus they’re so comfortable, we wouldn’t be surprised if any adults snuck into them for a nap.

We’ve put a list of our favourite teepees together for your perusal—so you’ll know just the right ones to consider getting for your scurrying lil’ tot.

Lovetree India Embroidery Teepee

This gently embroidered teepee houses a vast spot for huddled kiddy meetings. With how spacious and comfy it is, it doubles effortlessly as a napping area—basically, a breeding ground for both dreams and daydreams alike.

Expect your kid to fall head-over-heels for the dazzling, stitched-on visuals on this teepee. Catch them marvelling at safari animals and the ever-iconic crescent moon as they snuggle down. Plus, this teepee comes with a set of decorative flags that your little one can string along the outside.

Dexton Glow-In-The-Dark Teepee

This teepee is made up of a water-repellent material that makes it apt for sleeping under the stars in. And if your kid just so happens to be less inclined to the outdoors, worry not—they can usher the night sky indoors with an accompanying set of glow-in-the-dark star-and-moon stickers. With this, you can imbue your little one’s slumber with a touch of nighttime magic.

Trademark Innovations Giant Customizable 6-Foot Teepee

Constituting this teepee is a temptingly blank cotton canvas that invites your kiddos to either paint on it or douse it in sprinkles of glitz. That’s right—you have your children get creative with fabric glue, fabric paints, and tubs of glitter as they attempt to brighten the walls up.

If you’d prefer to keep the tent spotless and pristine, you’ll still find it stellarly comfortable as is it. Its spacious interior practically welcomes a pile-in, being able to fit a bunch of kids and adults. As if that wasn’t enough, its poles are made of pinewood that’s certified durable, so you won’t have to worry about the tent tumbling down on you!

Princess Teepee Fairy Tent

This charming fairy-tale tent houses fleecy floor pillows and boasts a thoroughly lush look—all too befitting for a little princess at home. The top is fitted with polka-dotted fabric, complementing pallid gray sides perfectly. But the tent’s gorgeous entryway was what caught our eye the most—fringed with pretty white pom poms that match the floor.

If your own beloved little princess desires a space to call her own, you’ve stumbled upon just the right refuge.

Steegic Foldable Cotton Canvas Teepee

This vision of a teepee boasts clean stripes in navy-and-white, effortlessly complementing any modern setting designed for kids. We can vouch verily for its quality and sturdiness — it’s made of 100% cotton canvas and tough New Zealand pine that’s sure to withstand rambunctious toddler play.

B. Sea Teepee Tent

This tent is graced with stunning jewel-like hues and groovy detailing—perfect for an thoroughly imaginative session of playtime. And if your kid isn’t home or just so happens to be tucked in asleep, you can snuggle up in it yourself and bask in the royal vibes!

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