The Best Ride In Toys For Your Kids

The Best Ride In Toys For Your Kids

It is not really a good thing to have your kids bury their faces in tablets, and smartphones all the time. They need some physical activities to promote healthy growth for both mind and body, of course, you need something fun and interesting to get them moving. A ride on toy car will certainly be a great choice to get them off the gadgets and do more interactive activities!

How did We Pick

We considered 21 model to be brought in and tested for safety, durability and the level of fun factor. After a thorough survey was made, we only tested 10 models instead.

The most important trait we tested for is safety as we do not want any harm come to our kids, no? And then we tested each model durability, how much abuse can it withstand before everything falls apart. Last, the fun factor level –what kind of gimmicks each model has to offer; beam lights, electronic sound effect etc.

The Top Three Ride On Toy Car

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

Little Tikes is not an alien name within children’s toy manufacturing industry and has set the standard for every ride on toy car and other climbing toys for decades. This cute and cozy looking ride on toy will be your kids’ favourites. It comes rear storage compartment gimmick where your kid can store their other toys in and carry around with them.

There are also other interesting gimmicks such as opens and closes gas cap, removable handles and floor to allow parents push the car as they walk and it has ignition switch gimmick as well. This Cozy Coupe doesn’t require batteries or any other electrical energy source as it powered manually by your kids paddling it with their feet. They only need to climb in and their feet will hit the ground, then just paddle their feet to propel the toy car forward.

This little toy car is tough, secure the little ones from harm and it has durable tires that can make 360 degrees spin so it can pivot. With its bright colour and cute smiley face design on it makes it a perfect toy for 1-3 years old.


  • 360 degrees tires
  • Cute design
  • Tough
  • Interesting gimmicks

PlasmaCar Ride On Toy

This ride on toy is simple yet fun, your little ones will enjoy riding on this one on the sidewalk or driveway of your home. PlasmaCar is great for exercising your kids while at the same time let them have fun as it provides abundance of movement that will increase coordination and muscle strength.

For optimum fun level, this toy should be use on flat hard surfaces such as sidewalks, or concrete driveways because it won’t move and work smoothly on grass, furry carpets, or any softer surfaces.

PlasmaCar doesn’t have any motors or pedals just like Cozy Coupe, it is powered manually. It is very easy to use and control, just climb on it and paddle with feet. PlasmaCar is made from durable plastics that will last for years.


  • Promotes coordination and muscle growth
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Durable

Step2 Whisper Ride II

This ride on toy car from Step2 is self-propelled car that is easy for your kids to push around using their feet. The design of this ride on toy car looks sleek and smooth with quiet wheels. It doesn’t there, it has few other neat gimmicks that both parents and children enjoy.

This toy car comes with two cup holders just like the ones in a real car –one for the kid and the other one is for the parents and it has a fold-able handle for parents to push their kid around in it, and store it back when they’re not using it. Like Cozy Coupe, this toy ride on car has a storage compartment to store your kid’s belongings such diapers, clothes, milk bottle etc.


  • Cool gimmicks
  • Cool looking design
  • Storage compartment



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