The Best Spoons For Feeding Your Baby

Baby is the most fragile stage in a human life, hence, you can’t never be too cautious. This includes what kind of spoon you used to feed your baby –is it the standard steel spoon, or hipster-looking wooden baby spoon? Whatever it is bear in mind that babies’ gums are easily injured so choosing the right spoon used to feed your baby is essential.

How Did We Pick

To that end, we took 15 most known baby spoon brands and tested each one them for the quality, materials, construction, available colour choices and length. We tested both quality and construction of the spoon by how easy to use and how safe is it to the baby. We also check for what materials in manufacturing the spoons, see if they’re safe to be use.

There’s also colours, a plain looking spoon might not look as interesting as the more colourful ones. So the more colour the design, the easier to get the baby interested with the food and the spoon.

Top Three Spoon

Baby Spoons BPA Free Soft Silicone Set

This soft silicone baby spoon set is easy to use, attractive colourings, and soft on the baby’s tender mouth and gums. This spoon set is perfect when you’re introducing solid foods to your baby for the very first time.

There 5 spoons in total included in this package and each has different colours and made from soft silicone. Thanks to soft material it made from, your baby’s gums are protected from being damaged or bruised. Feeding a baby using a spoon for the very first time is difficult because a baby moves around a lot and fidgety, so the hard/sharp edges of metal spoons can damage your baby’s gums. But with this soft silicone spoon set such problem is eliminated.

This soft silicone spoon set has oral massager on each of the spoons. The oral massager is a good way to ensure your baby gums and teeth are clean and healthy.


  • Longer handle for easy feeding
  • Oral massager for cleaning your baby’s teeth and gums
  • Colour design

Avanchy Baby Toddler Infant Feeding Spoon

Looking for something even more cheery and attractive looking? Avanchy set of 5 revolutionary baby spoons infusing bamboo and silicone greatly, a design that caught the attention of parents.

Each spoon has cheery colour to them which go beautifully with the bamboo handle. These spoons are both functional and attractive. This spoon set is FDA approved, BPA free and labeled as fully organic. The silicone covering can be remove for a thorough cleaning process. It is also biodegradable. The spoons are gentle and soft so damages are prevented from happening to your baby’s gums.

This spoon set will make a perfect shower gift for soon-to-be mothers as they can each be match with matching coloured bowls.


  • 100% organic
  • Biodegradable
  • Perfect to be given as a gift

Lullababy Travel Safe Training 3 Spoon and Fork Set

In this pack there are three different coloured set for you to use. Included in this package is a travelling case for ensuring the spoon and fork stay clean and sanitary throughout your travel.

Both fork and spoon have rounded edges, no sharp parts and they’re FDA approved. This travelling fork and spoon set are BPA, latex and phthalate, so your baby is not exposed to any dangerous chemicals.


  • Good for travelling
  • Comes with a case that keeps the fork and spoon clean and sanitary
  • Soft on baby’s gums

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