The Best Baby Wrap and Slings

Most parents find wraps and slings useful in a way that they could connect them closer to their babies – especially newborns. After hours and hours of research and lots of testing, and also interviewing those who uses baby wraps; we’ve found great options for baby wraps and slings.

Solly Baby Wrap

Our Pick

Solly Baby Wrap

This first choice is made out of really light weight fabric and feels softer compare to other wraps we’ve tested, meaning that this special wrap is perfect for daily wear and other activities.

$65 from Solly Baby

It’s not only a stretchable material but a good choice for newborns. It’s a supportive wrap and made nursing much more easier. However, the weight limit for this would be twenty-five pounds, and parents find it harder to carry once their baby reaches six months old.

Moby Wrap

Runner Up

Moby Wrap

Another great wrap for newborns and small babies. The material is not as stretchy as the previous one but is is especially supportive for growing babies.

$45 from Amazon
$45 from Jet

However, it’s long length and thick fabric ma cause a bit of a struggle for parents. In other words, comparing this brand to Solly, that brand can still be exchange between your partner without taking off the wrap.

Sakura Bloom Basics Sling

Our Pick

Sakura Bloom Basics Sling

If you’re searching for a extensive range of age and easy to get on and off, then this sling might be perfect for you.

$100 from Sakura Bloom

The material is cool, protected and convenient for everyday wear in other kinds of weather and not just newborns can be carried, but also toddlers. The soft material makes it easy to pull through the ring and stays in place once it as been adjusted. The ring is comfortable compare to other sling rings we’ve tested but what’s more fun is that this sling comes in 8 different colors.

Moby Sling

Budget Pick

Moby Sling

Despite its half price for this particular sling, this product bring promising performance.

$45 from Amazon

Compare this to the Sakura Bloom, the material for this sling is easily adjusted according to you to give your baby that perfect deep seat and stays in place securely. It’s midweight fabric isn’t as cool as the Sakura Bloom because it’s made of linen. Not to mention that the tail is surprisingly long and might be an obstacle for shorter wearers.

How we Picked.

These products have been broken down to 4 categories:

  • Stretchy wraps: These are undeniably the go-to wraps for newborns since it stretches and accommodate your baby’s body comfortably. Most of them are made out of rayon or cotton and some even ass a smaller amount of spandex. There are pros and cons of this product, however, others find it incredibly snuggling and others find it uncomfortable, mainly with babies that are older. Another pros is when the wraps are tied, you can easily slip your baby in and out without trouble.
  • Ring Slings: This is much easier to use, the fabric is strap through 2 rings to make a seat to support your baby. In general, ring slings are a bit tricky. There’s not enough material despite it doesn’t sweep on the ground when you put them on and are swiftly to put on. What’s alarming is that a bay can simply slipped and fall if you’re not focusing. They are made out interesting materials such as bamboo, linen, cotton, or silk. People normally choose this as a secondary carrier, often used at homes.
  • Woven wraps: The woven wraps are much more supportive, toddlers included – and if the fabric just right and holds pretty good combo, some people might find this product comfortable. The fabric are interlaced pretty tight at right angles so the fabric would not budge unless it is pulled diagonally. They are commonly made out of cotton, but also linen, silk, hemp, or silk. And surprisingly enough, this product is more resourceful compare to others has many ways to carry, from the back, front or hip.
  • Meh Dais: Although the name itself it still being discussed, has a panel of fabric that will the baby onto the parent’s back or chest, is secured by long straps that wrapped and tied. There are versions of this product which are over-designed. And despite not having to make it to our top picks, we’re still putting it here for future references.

Although the carriers are well-structured, it tends to differ somewhat brand to brand. We’ve identify 6 values that are crucial when buying carriers.

  • Easy of use: The number one frequent problem for people when it comes to slings and wraps are the complexity of putting them on. Most parents want a carrier that are direct and not much of a hassle when it comes to pop the baby in or out without the need to retie it back. Unlike slings and wraps, it’s important to have a clear designate edges, known as rails.
  • Comfort and support: To make it simpler to understand, the stretchier the material, the more effort the wearer have to do in order to support the body. On the other hand, since carriers are worn quite close to the skin, it actually functions like an item rather than a gear so it’s our duty to desire a product which is comfortable for any seasons. For us, a good carrier is to provide you the support needed so that you’re able to hold the baby on one hand along with the fabric would not slip once tied.
  • Versatility: To begin with, slings ans wraps should be ideal for any type of body shape without being such a burden. Wraps and slings will be more beneficial if both caregiver and the carrier share it.
  • Washability: Admit it, babies are messy. Be prepared though, your wraps or slings could be tainted by the spit, occasional diaper blowout and drools. The experts recommend by purchasing those with fabric that doesn’t need to be handled using kid gloves.
  • Portability:  Wraps and slings should also be easier to transport for instance if the parents wanted to put it inside the stroller basket or perhaps the diaper bag. Generally speaking, what we mean is the capability to be packed down or folded to a certain size.



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