The Best Baby High Chairs

#1 : IKEA Antilop

Our Pick

IKEA Antilop

This high chair is durable, lightweight and solid.

$20 from IKEA

When it comes to comparing it with other high chairs, this IKEA chair certainly does fair better as it could fit bigger kids, although it’s not a chair that kids should continue using as they grow older. The parts for this chair is simple to assemble, although lifting the tray up is not as easy as it looks. The price, however, is surprisingly low, costing about $20 only.

#2 : BabyBjorn High Chair

Runner Up

BabyBjorn High Chair

The BabyBjorn has a number of likable features which includes a tray that can be adjust and easy storage.

$200* from Walmart
$200 from Amazon

To compare with the Antilop, the chair can’t be pulled up to the table when its tray detached. On another note, this chair is a bit tricky to clean, and the seat is kind of small and the price is not that affordable either.

#3 : Stokke Tripp Trapp

Upgrade Pick

Stokke Tripp Trapp

This high chair is quite pricey and quite complex but it can really hold a child starting from when they were a baby until preschoolers.

$350* from Bed Bath & Beyond
$250 from Amazon

It may take you some time to assemble them all as well as adjust. Even if it is expensive, this high chair is unexpectedly attractive that you might want to keep it as a second-hand or forever.

#4 : Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat

Also Good

Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat

The Fisher-Price high chair is not only tight, it’s also a flexible travel chair or can be used as a spare chair to be kept in your grandparents’ house.

$35* from Walmart
$35 from Amazon

Unlike Antilop, this high chair isn’t as easy to clean as well as comfortable, along with seams and buttons that’ll eventually allow spills to fall down or grime underneath. Good thing that this high chair affordable and easy to clean up compare to the others.

How we Picked

If you’re planning to get a high chair for your child, consider these characteristics:

  • Safe and stable: First of all, it’s  highly important to consider the security and how stable the high chair is. So potentially, we’re looking at safety that can determine if the high chair is worth investing on or not.
  • Easy to clean: After doing several interviews with the parents, experts as well as reading online reviews, we have conclude that the cleaning was one of the component that made people hate or love their high chair. We excluded high chairs that had fabric components, foam elements or seat covers.
  • Compact and manageable: Some houses have limited space and for that reason, parents prefer a high chair that could be easily folded or disassembled for a long-term. Even if the chair is not big, it can make them trip over easily. And for those who are often away on travels, they’ll appreciate more of the chair is simple to fold and light to store in the bank of a trunk.
  • Design to make meals easier and more pleasant: A great high chair should be simple to be used by both the parent and the baby, and the chair should be cozy enough for the baby to have an enjoyable meal. Although there are a few number of people that prefer extra features but to be honest, they’re not really necessary.
  • A good value: We’ve spoke to parents that had bought expensive high chairs and now regretted their decisions and wish that they have bought something more simple and easy to clean up.



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