The Best Baby Cribs

#1 : DaVinci Kalani 4-In-1 Convertible Crib

Our Pick

DaVinci Kalani 4-In-1 Convertible Crib

Honestly, normal parents wouldn’t want to spend $200 just for a crib. But this DaVinci’s crib offers sturdy, solid, more value and  flexibility than any other crib.

$170* from Amazon

Despite it’s traditional appearance, this crib is made from solid wood, comes with a toddler rail and certified for low emissions. It’s not just a crib though, it can also be transformed into a bed. This DaVinci crib is available in a number of colors such as gray, black and white and is available throughout and can be shipped without a heavy shipping fee.

#2 : IKEA Sundvik

Budget Pick

IKEA Sundvik

It’s simple yet modern-looking that comes in black, white, grayish brown or brown and the material is of beech, which is a hardwood that’s technically considered stronger.

$120 from IKEA

It does not include a toddler rail and the mattress could be adapt in 2 contrasting heights and sadly, the crib is unable to turn into a bed.

#3 : DaVinci’s Jenny Lind 3-In-1 Convertible Crib

Also Great

DaVinci’s Jenny Lind 3-In-1 Convertible Crib

This other DaVinci crib is unique in terms of design and style and the wheels made it much easier for us to move it around places.

$200 from Walmart
$200 from Amazon

Surprisingly, this crib is the only crib that has wheels. Out of all the 4 beds we’ve tested, this crib is not difficult to put together and could be turned into a toddler bed. It’s made out of the New Zealand pine which is the same as out main pick, however, it does not look like it’s solid, thus costs a little bit more.

#4 : Pottery Barn Kendall Convertible Crib

Upgrade Pick

Pottery Barn Kendall Convertible Crib

Despite being very pricey, this crib has a very sturdy design and is made from solid poplar, which is a particular hardwood that’s probably less likely to get dinged and nicked compare to those softer pines used in both our great and top picks.

$400* from Pottery Barn

It does not come with a toddler bar but it is expensive considering our other approval are much valuable, but then again, if you like simplicity and the aesthetics of the Kendall crib and money is not a big issue for you, this pick could be solid option for you.

How we Picked

Once we have all of the cribs background researched, including interviews with parents and expert as well as experiencing them personally, we have determined that a good crib should at least have these characteristics:

  • Safe: To ensure that your child will be safe, a crib should adhere to Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements.
  • Made of quality materials: We’d prefer cribs that could last a minimum of 4 years for one infant, and much better if a crib can be passed down to other respective members within the family. As for the sturdiness, we focused more on the type of wood products were used to make certain parts of the crib.
  • Affordable: We understand that most parents wouldn’t mind purchasing a crib worth a bit more than $200. But there are some that spend a bit too high on a crib, yet don’t feel quite satisfied with the value that they’re getting.
  • Easy to assemble and convert: One of the main characteristics that a crib should have is the easy-to-understand instructions. We’d prefer a process that is straightforward in terms of how to convert the crib into a toddler bed or the mattress height.
  • Versatile and adjustable: We’d love a crib that can change into a toddler bed, bonus points if the crib comes with a toddler rail. Ideally, we’d like a crib with at least 3 levels, one close to the ground for an older baby, second is somewhere in between when a baby can start pull up t standing and last is high for a non-mobile infant.
  • Available in multiple color and design option: We’d also like if the cribs comes in variety of colors, such as shades like black and white and a mix of wood stains.

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