The Best Baby Crib Mattresses

What’s there to complete after purchasing a high quality and value crib?? A great mattress. A good mattress can do wonders for your child and might even make them not to leave the crib! If you’re searching for the best crib mattresses, look no further, here’s a list of the best mattresses you can find!

#1 : Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer

Our Pick

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer

This special mattress gets all the green light from most parents.

$197 from Amazon

The design is two-sided that offers that extra-firm mattress especially for infants, and once they reached ten months, you can simply flip the mattress around that is less firm yet comfortable when they reach toddlerhood. It’s not just super lightweight, it’s also odor-resistant and stain-water which parents could easily wipe the stains off without much effort. The mattress is made from polyurethane foam and is covered in gauzelike-flame resistant material, medical-grade tickling and covered in supple.

#2 : Naturepedic Organic Cotton Lightweight Classic

Also Great

Naturepedic Organic Cotton Lightweight Classic

This specific mattress is suitable for parents who agreed on getting Global Organic crib mattress.

$260 from Amazon

Although it is not 2-sided, it’s satisfy enough for a bed and probably one of those mattresses that not only balance its comfort but also high in value when it comes to organic mattresses – which many of these beds could cost around $400! It’s mattress is wrapped in certified organic-cotton batting, and has a polyethylene core. It’s so light which makes it easy for you to change, and the mattress is also waterproof, which means that cleaning up the messes will not take much of your time.

#3 : Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress

Budget Pick

Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress

This mattress is half the price of our main pick. The Sealy Soybean is perfect for parents who are looking for easy-to-clean, firm, durable and lightweight crib mattress.

$101 from Amazon

The Sealy crib mattress has  polyurethane foam on the inside, however, it does not have the 2-sided design which makes this bed better especially for bigger babies. This mattress is also waterproof and is laminated with vinyl cover makes it simple to clean up but its materials and seems feel less dependable compare to our main picks.

How we Picked

We’ve interviewed parents as well as experts to know more about their opinions and also did some background research, and we’ve come to a conclusion that a crib mattress should have:

  • A firm surface: There’s no denying it when parents put comfort above all else, a surface which is reliable and firm enough to be a crib mattress.
  • An easy-to-clean cover: Accidents are bound to happen, thus we’ve tested mattresses that are leakproof and waterproof, mattresses with leaking backing and with a cotton cover as well as mattresses that comes with a detachable, washable interior and cover.
  • A lightweight design: If a mattress is so heavy and stiff, it’ll make your job harder to take it out from the crib and change its sheets. All of the mattresses that we tested weight between six and twenty pounds.
  • Durability: There are a number of people that will continue to keep their cribs for at least 2 years, and might continue on to use the crib until a few years, which they will eventually move their kid and upgrade on having their first legit bed. So it’s somewhat important that the mattress should be durable enough and likely to remain its shape in the coming usage.
  • A noiseless cover: There are some mattresses that has this “crunching” sounds when you lie your infant down. So technically we prioritize beds that are  noise-free.
  • Comfort: Although a firm mattress is crucial rather than having a bed that is comfortable, there’s a few mattresses that is without a doubt comfortable when it comes to making the child sleeps. We somehow favored more towards mattresses that are 2-sided with both soft and firmer sides.
  • No bounce: What’s worse than an overly firm mattress? A bouncing one. If you purchase a mattress that is bouncy, no doubt that your kids will be tempted to bounce and and down rather than sleeping.
  • An affordable price: The mattresses that we’ve tested on ranges between $50 to $300. And even if you buy the cheapest crib mattress out there, there’s been many negative reviews regarding how easy it was for stains to be leaked through the covers, and how the cover ripped so easily. But then again, if you’re willing to pay so much for a mattress, there is not guarantee if the mattress has good values and may not be worth it.
  • A solid warranty and customer service: If you have a problem with your mattress regardless if it’s sagging after use, torn, or it’s too small, having customer service contact as well as a solid warranty is so so important.