The Night Lights Kids Love to Fall Asleep With

Regardless if we’re still kids or not, night lights are awesome and as an adult myself, I want one too. There is so many night lights now, from tetra blocks to animals, nigh lights have become one of those sought-out items today.

If you are interested in getting a night light, here is a list of some of the best you can choose from!

#1 : Umiwe Rechargeable Waterdrop Silicone Night Light


Umiwe Rechargeable Waterdrop Silicone Night Light

One of the cutest night light ever.

$13 from Amazon

You can just simply tap the it’s head or the bottom to change color of thee light. What’s interesting enough is that the colors will change according to the pace of the breathing. You can look at it and eventually be asleep in no time.

#2 : Wastar Creative Panda Night Light


Wastar Creative Panda Night Light

If you’re looking for extreme cuteness, you may as well get this one; a panda night light.

$20 from Amazon

Honestly, this one of the cutest night light we have ever seen. The best part about this night light is only its head emits the glow. This panda night light will be a great company for your little one.

#3 : GummyGoods Gummy Bear Light


GummyGoods Gummy Bear Light

No, your kids can’t eat this just because it says gummy.

$30 from Amazon

In other words, when kids start growing up, they tend to start disliking stuffs that are “babyish” to them. But not for this gummy bear. In the daytime, it’s just eye candy friends who are visiting but when night falls, this bear will give comfort to your kid with it’s low-intensity glow.

#4 : Balloon Dog Night Light


Balloon Dog Night Light

Balloons are pretty cool. But imagine if you have balloons as your night light.

$25 from uncommongoods

If you have kids that are obsessed with balloons or having something to remember the carnival of some sort, this night light is suitable for it.

#5 : Star Night Light


Star Night Light

This is really interesting night lights. When you switch it on, it projects those lights on the surrounding walls and the ceilings.

$15 from Amazon

It can make sleepovers much more exciting and memorable!

#6 : Cat Night Light Lamp


Cat Night Light Lamp

I want this, really bad. This cat lamp can be charged up using a USB cable!

$19 from Amazon

How convenient is that? Not only that, this specific lamp could be enjoyed by either 12 hours of colored glow or 15 hours of white glow. Your kid can enjoy different kinds of colored lights or just stick to one color. What’s even more cuter is the fact that you can use either the remote or just slightly tap the cat’s head to control the flow.

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