The Best Baby Swings

After doing more than 22 hours of research, and that includes interviewing 2 expert on child safety and ten hours testing baby swings, we’ve found the best baby swings that parents should buy for their babies.

#1: Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing

Our Pick

Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing

This special product is able to mimic the feeling of being in the glider swing classical music selections, vibration settings as well as nature-inspired sounds that could make your baby entertained and calm.

$110* from Walmart
$100 from Amazon

Most parents will find this swing calming and since it’s the most peaceful we’ve ever tested, it is also saves a lot of space. This model can run on both AC and on batteries and easy to use in different parts of your home.

#2: Fisher-Price Sweet SnuggaPuppy Dreams Cradle n’ Swing

Runner Up

Fisher-Price Sweet SnuggaPuppy Dreams Cradle n’ Swing

Although it lacks the vibration, this swing can actually swing side to side and back and forth.

$95* from Walmart
$195 from Amazon

With their sounds and music, this swing comes with naturally mirror and mobile which can be rotated. The one cons for this swing is the bulk. It’s going to dominate most of the space it’s in and gets more harder to move.

#3: 4moms mamaRoo 4

Upgrade Pick

4moms mamaRoo 4

This swing differs from the other we’ve tested, and parents can acknowledge the fact that this product takes just about a fraction of the time to set up and can plug in your appliance to lay music via an app.

$220 from Amazon

Also, it is probably the most solid and practical looking swing. Despite its many accessibility, the price of this swing is twice as the prices than the other two swings we’ve mentioned.

How we Picked

I’m sure most parents wants a swing that does it job reliably and efficiently to keep their little ones occupied yet calm. A great swing should have these characteristics:

  • Soothing and Entertaining: A satisfying swing should have a few options when it comes to motion, for example, different speeds, vibrations and multiple swinging directions. Most swings now comes with toy bars, mirrors, music and mobiles which can be helpful but not as important as the swing itself.
  • Safe and Stable: For infant swings, future buyers should check the product whether it’s stable and will not tip over, and it won’t fold accidentally. The restraints should be sufficient and the power source shouldn’t over heat.  You should also pay attention to if whether the seat stretched out enough so that babies won’t plunged forward.
  • Easy to set up and Use: What’s more important is the direction on how to use or build. It should be easy and concise. Swings that required to be powered up by either batteries or an AC adapter are more preferably by those who only used one power source. In other words, there are caregiver that want swings to be used in different rooms, easier-to-transport, lighter model is a much better option.
  • Easy to Clean: The fabric of the seat should be easily washable reattach after cleaning.
  • A Good Value: Swings are actually quite pricey compare to rockers and bouncers but that’s because their usefulness is quite the same. Keep in mind that Motors is the weakest link we could find and should be warned because there’s plenty of them out there. The frames of the swings either be made from plastic, metal or maybe even a combination of those two elements.

How we Tested

We have 5 volunteers to undergo this experiment. I’ve spent approximately ten hours testing them in terms of how long it takes them to assemble each swings. One of them only requires a few minutes whereas another need at least 40 minutes.

I then proceed to check on the swings’ quality; to see if they’ve been badly organized or shaky as well as checking to see if the swings shifted or moved slightly off the ground while in motion. I see there’s one particular model that’s not stable enough to be tested and thus been carried away. I’ve to ensure that all motions, sounds and speeds are all in good condition.

I then moved the swings in different areas of the house to see how comfortable it is to do so. In terms of cleaning, I have followed the rules as instructed on the manual paper.



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