Best Bassinets For Babies to Sleep And Play In

Babies take much pride in their sleep and they won’t hesitate to yell or scream if their needs are not fulfilled. Here are some of the bassinets of our choice that might perked your interest. After all, once the baby is asleep, you’ll have more time for yourself, am I right?

#1 : BabyBjorn Cradle Bassinet


BabyBjorn Cradle Bassinet

This is the best baby cradle you’ll ever going to get and trust me you will feel like satisfied with it.

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The pros is that this bassinet is super lightweight responds to your baby’s motions. This bassinet is extremely light and can easily be transported. But the cons is the mattress is 100% made from polyurethane but you can always switch it to cotton mattress if you wish.

#2 : Brica Travel Bassinet


Brica Travel Bassinet

This bassinet is the perfect fit to pack into your luggage since it can be folded and you can bring it everywhere you want!

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It’s not just giving your baby the comfort she needs, but also breathable. Some special features include water resistant mattress and sheet which is pretty handy. The only downside for this bassinet is that you can’t remove the outside fabric for washing.

#3 : Fisher-Price Soothing Bassinet


Fisher-Price Soothing Bassinet

Probably the coolest bassinet in my opinion. It can do many things!

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This soothing bassinet will make sure your little one will be fast asleep by either projecting some lights or switched off the faint nightlight. And if that doesn’t work, this bassinet will start rocking according to your baby’s motions. The one bad thing about this bassinet is it’ll mostly move too much for sensitive babies.

#4 : Halo Swivel Sleeper Bassinet


Halo Swivel Sleeper Bassinet

Another great bassinet. This bassinet’s features a stand whereby you can adjust the height according to the height of your mattress.

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You can just simply grab the edge of the bassinet and watch it sink slowly. It’s also nice how to know the the bassinet includes a fitted sheet, a mattress and a side pocket. However, the cons is that this bassinet is pretty heavy so it’ll make it hard for you to move room to room.

#5 : Snoo Smart Bassinet


Snoo Smart Bassinet

Oh boy oh boy, I’m sure you’ve never met anything like Snoo before.

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If you think BabyBjorn’s Craddle is great, wait until you see what this bassinet can do. Snoo is super safe that will eventually get your baby to stop crying AND establish healthy sleeping patterns. It comes wwith waddle straps that will protect your baby from rolling over and is super perceptive and will start to act if your baby makes noises. If you’re thinking of purchasing this bassinet, well, you might have to think again because it is quite expensive.

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