Baby Sounds Machines & White-Noise Makers

If your lullaby doesn’t work, maybe consider buying your baby the sound machines to make them sleep. Sometimes, just a little sound can help your little one doze off quickly than you can ever imagine.

#1 : Baby Cloud Portable Sound Machine


Baby Cloud Portable Sound Machine

This is probably one of the best bassinet sounds.

$20 from Amazon

Simply just clip these sound machines to the baby’s bassinet. These are super convenient especially when you’re on the go or if you need to clean up the house ASAP. To make it more fun, these clouds has the ability to change colors so surely your baby will be highly entertained.


#2 : Skip Hop Elephant Soother


Skip Hop Elephant Soother

This is a pretty cute one. It’s in a shape of an elephant and has a few tricks up its trunk!

$40 from Amazon

You can choose between four melodies to help your baby fall asleep like Rapunzel, turning on the calming light projector and nightlight glow.

#3 : Ewan the Dream Sheep


Ewan the Dream Sheep

This one is best for womb noises. Since you’re baby had spent nine months in your womb, it’s understandable that it could help your baby fall asleep faster.

$45 from Amazon

Ewan can duplicate the same sounds of the womb and heartbeat. The pink glow on Ewan will stay on for 20 minutes.

#4 : Vtech Wyatt the Whale


Vtech Wyatt the Whale

Yet another cute noise maker. This cute blue whale has 10 lullabies and 10 ambient system (sort of like a trickling system).

$40 from Amazon

There is an app where you can download and connect to this soother, so if you hear your little starting to make a fuss, just change thee soother settings from your distance. Easy.

#5 : Project Nursery Lion Sound Machine & Nightlight


Project Nursery Lion Sound Machine & Nightlight

If your baby nursery is like that of a safari, you can add this sound machine to fit in with the room.

$35 from Amazon

Sounds ranges from white noise to Mozart, and what’s more helpful is it has a soft glow that will make your cub feel not lonely.

#6 : Skip Hop Owl Moonlight and Melodies Nightlight Soother


Skip Hop Owl Moonlight and Melodies Nightlight Soother

This cute little owl is great at setting the volume control.

$40 from Amazon

There is a study shows that if the sound machine is too loud, it can most likely damage your little one’s hearing. But fear not, you can control this owl as as well the volume your baby can hear, from nature sounds to lullabies.


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