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Hi there, I’m Stephanie & I started Red Wagon Store back in 2012. My son’s favourite toy was this red wagon where he would store all his favourite toys & pull around so this site is dedicated to him.

We have a great variety of baby products for your pregnancy & baby needs.

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Latest Baby Products

Toddlers can enter a wet and slippery tub safely Simply press
Faucet Extenders Bring Water Closer to Kids to Make Hand
Keeps toddlers from flushing foreign objects down the drain Baby proof–simple
Take the sting out of shampooing with a soft foam visor 2
31 1/4″ long x 4″ wide x 4″ tall Non-toxic padded
Never leave baby unattended in bath. Made in China
$6.99 $6.25
Fits most faucets including goosenecks Allows children to wash their hands
$7.00$30.04 $6.99$30.04
Its soft rim contours fit smoothly yet snuggly against a
$9.99$10.04 $9.99
Position at any height for shaving in the shower! Angled for
$14.99$22.57 $8.85$22.57
Easy-to-use adhesive means no drilling or removal of lid Securetech locking
$10.99$16.99 $6.99$16.99
Easy one hand release operation is easy for an adult
$7.99$20.47 $7.74$20.47
Makes handwashing fun! Fits most bathroom faucets Portable, easy to use, easy
$9.99 $8.05$9.99

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